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Winn Dixie Not Requiring Customers to Wear Masks: See the Reactions

by Jacklyn Krol
winn dixie not requiring face masks
Jeffrey Greenberg, Getty Images

Winn Dixie is under fire after not requiring face masks at their stores. Due to the health and safety of everyone, most retailers have especially required face masks for customers and staff to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Together with social distancing, face masks are reported to be adequate safety measures that are suggested by the CDC and WHO.

What Winn Dixie Had to Say

Firstly, a spokesperson for Winn Dixie’s parent company, Southeastern Grocers, released a statement to USA Today. The company said that they aren’t requiring the masks to avoid “undue friction” altogether.

“We strongly encourage state officials to lead the way in regulating these type of safety mandates,” Joe Caldwell, director of corporate communications at Southeastern Grocers told the outlet.

Secondly, their website shared that the company is “allowing associates to wear face masks” instead of requiring them. “We will continue to refine our processes and protocols in our stores, with health and safety as our guide, as long as this pandemic remains a threat,” their website stated.

In addition, the company said that they are “eternally grateful for the dedication and bravery” of their associates as they serve customers. “We appreciate those of you who have taken a moment to thank our associates in our stores, as it makes such a powerful and positive impact on them.”

Protocols and Safety Measures

Furthermore, the company said that they have daily temperature checks for associates and external partners in stores. Additionally, they have also adjusted their store hours to restock shelves and sanitize the store. However, face coverings will still not be mandated.

Their website revealed in an especially long statement other safety measures for customers. By all means, the stores will have floor decals to promote social distancing. Besides the decals, they will also have plexiglass at registers, customer service desks, pharmacies, and liquor counters. “We continue to offer touch-free payment options at all stores.” Altogether, the implemented safety measures are generally favorable amongst customers.

The Reactions

While most reactions were negative, comparatively some people viewed the option to wear face masks as a positive. Despite the research conducted concerning face masks and COVID-19, nevertheless, people expressed their right to choose to wear one. Above all, most customers shared their concern for the safety of other patrons.

Finally, read the reactions, below.