Winter ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Expected to Blanket the East Coast This Weekend

by Shelby Scott

Spring may just be over a week away, however, Outsiders can expect to see winter weather blanketing the East Coast as a “bomb cyclone” could pummel the region.

According to the New York Post, meteorologists expect a round of snow to cover parts of the Rockies, Plains, and Midwest on Thursday. From there, the winter storm system will press eastward. As of Thursday morning, portions of those regions remain under winter storm warnings and advisories. Two major locations include Kansas City, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado‘s metro areas.

What to Expect:

  • A winter storm, originating in the Rockies, will become a bomb cyclone by the time it reaches the East Coast this weekend.
  • The Northeast is expected to bear the brunt of snow accumulations and high winds.
  • Strong winds are expected to down trees and cause power outages.

Winter Storm Will Originate in the Western U.S.

The outlet reports areas from the Rockies east toward Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa could see at least six inches of snow.

By Friday, meteorologists see snow reaching as far south as Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. From there, winter weather will head north toward the Great Lakes. Areas spanning many of these regions could see dicey travel conditions.

Friday night is when the outlet reports Outsiders along the East Coast seeing the winter bomb cyclone originate.

Winter Bomb Cyclone Expected to Down Trees, Cut Power

As per the outlet, the heaviest snow and winds are expected to reach the East Coast by Saturday. Intense weather conditions come as a result of a rapid drop in barometric pressure, creating the winter bomb cyclone.

Winds accompanying the winter storm will likely pick up as early as Friday night. Gusts could span North Florida all the way up the coast to parts of New England.

Snow accumulation Saturday could span the Appalachians, portions of the Great Lakes, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and on up through New England.

The outlet reports the bomb cyclone will intensify during the early half of the weekend, the low-pressure system further dropping. Wind gusts, primarily in the Eastern Carolinas, the Mid-Atlantic Coast, and New England, could result in downed trees. Various regions should also expect potential power outages.

Snow accumulations vary for areas along the coast, depending on when and where the winter bomb cyclone strikes. The news outlet reports moderate snowfall in the southern Plains, the mid-South, Ohio Valley, and interior Northeast. However, areas more closely bordering the coastline, including regions across the Appalachian, central and northern PA, upstate NY, and northern New England, could likely see more than 6 inches of snow.

Regardless, however, of whether Outsiders lie in the path of the winter bomb cyclone or not, meteorologists have warned travel conditions across the board could remain slippery throughout the weekend.

Those on the warm side of the winter bomb cyclone could see opposing weather conditions. These include significant amounts of rainfall, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes, capped by flash flooding.