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Winter Storm Arriving Next Week Threatens Majority of Country with Heavy Snow, Winds

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Heads up, Outsiders. There is another winter storm brewing that could affect each and every one of you. And it may bring heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, soaking rain, and strong winds.

Because the weather is still days away, expect some changes in the forecast. But according to The Weather Channel, this is how things are shaping up.

The system should start forming over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California on Monday. Those areas will see rain and mountain snow.

Then, the weather will move into the Southwest on Tuesday. But at that point, it will hit dry air. So it’s unlikely that the region will experience much precipitation.

Though, Los Angeles may see what little rain the system does produce. And if it does, it will end a multi-week drought for the city.

Light snow accumulation is also possible for California’s Sierra Nevada into the Wasatch and Rockies through Tuesday night.

The Winter Storm Will Be at Its Peak on Wednesday and Thursday of Next Week

On Wednesday morning, the winter storm will ramp up when it hits a widespread high-pressure system over the western Atlantic.

Because of increased moisture in the air, heavy rain and severe thunderstorms could develop over the Southern Plains during the day and also create snow for the Rocky Mountains and High Plains.

By Wednesday night, sleet and freezing rain may also spread into the Central Plains and northern and western Great Lakes.

Meteorologists expect the storm to remain strong into Thursday and cause snow and strong winds for parts of Kansas and western Oklahoma as well as portions of Iowa, Missouri, northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

At the same time, the Ohio Valley into the Deep South may have heavy rain showers and possibly strong to severe storms. However, it’s too early to predict just how strong those storms could be.

On Friday, the storm will begin to taper off as it exits the Eastern Seaboard. As it diminishes, the Northeast coastline to Maine will see rain throughout the day.

How Much Rain and Snow is Expected?

The upcoming winter storm could produce moderate to heavy rain and snow totals.

An inch or more of rain may hit a large portion of the U.S. spanning from the Ohio Valley to the Deep South. And there is a possibility of localized flooding in parts of those regions.

As for snow, the Western states will probably only see light snowfall. However, the Great Plains and Great Lakes may experience multi-inch snowfall. And the snow may also come with strong winds that could create dangerous travel conditions.

But as we noted earlier, the worst part of the storm is nearly a week away. So be sure to watch your local weather channels to keep up with the forecast as the system forms.