Winter Storm Causes 100 Car Pile-Up in Illinois

by Shelby Scott

It’s been a cruel winter here in the U.S. While various regions nationwide saw a sluggish start, the frigid season has rapidly made up for its delay in arrival. Now, amid the latest conditions, a winter storm caused a 100-car pileup in Illinois on Thursday.

News of the massive pileup came from IL state police. As per the department’s statement, the major wreck took place on Interstate 39 near El Paso that afternoon. Just about 25 miles of the major roadway saw closure following the pileup. Footage and images show a collection of personal and commercial vehicles among the wreckage.

Further, according to Fox News, the area where the major crash occurred was expected to see an additional six inches of snow afterward, worsening conditions. I-39 had already received a thin layer of snow prior to the wreck.

As the winter storm encroached IL’s roadways earlier Thursday, police warned motorists to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Increased snowfall and “blizzard-like conditions” caused poor visibility for drivers amid the storm.

While first responders worked the scene and cleaned up the wreckage, the news outlet reported I-39, between Normal and Minok, were to remain closed for 12 hours. Simultaneously, drivers involved headed to warming centers.

Of the incident overall, IL State Police shared via Twitter, “Together, with our local partners, we are diligently working to ensure motorists are safely escorted from the area to warming centers.”

Winter Storm Threatens Northeastern States

Talk about relentless.

While winter weather pounds areas of the Midwest resulting in the second pileup in less than two weeks, regions across the Northeastern U.S. will endure a winter storm of their own this weekend.

Early Friday, major winds and freezing rain began their destructive occupation of the region, leaving more than 100 thousand Americans without power. And unfortunately, for many Outsiders, forecasters have warned us that the winter storm will likely endure throughout Presidents’ Day weekend.

The New York Post reported New York will likely sustain the brunt of the winter storm, with Long Island currently under a heavy wind watch. Additionally, various regions across NY and New Jersey can expect to see accumulations of heavy rain, flooding frequently a problem in the Northeast.

For now, though, dangerous winds seem to account for the majority of the winter storm’s impact. Early Friday morning, several bridges across NYC saw closure as increased wind speeds made travel across the structures perilous. Specifically, the city’s Verrazzano Bridge completely closed earlier in the day.

Interestingly, though, the northern reaches of the country aren’t the only ones experiencing damaging winter weather. As per the outlet, residents occupying the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama reported sightings of an intense tornado on Thursday. So far, 6,000 AL residents lack power.