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Winter Storm Causes Thousands to Be Without Power

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brad Vest/Getty Images)

The eastern half of the country was hit hard by a winter storm. From depths of the South all the way up to the Northeast.

What came with the storm was snow, freezing rain, ice, winds, and more. There were thousands that found that they had no power as they woke up on Saturday. Large parts of the country were hit by these storms that have left ice-cold temperatures and rough conditions.

There were 17 inches of snow in New York, Vermont, Indiana, and Maine according to the National Weather Service. The NWS also said, “bitterly cold temperatures will span an area from the Southern Plains to the Ohio Valley and Northeast.” January and now the early part of February have proven they still have that harsh winter weather that folks expect this time of year.

There are upwards of 88,000 households without power throughout Tennesee. Further north, in New York state there were almost 60,000 households that woke up Saturday morning without power and in the dark. Now, the Midwest prepares for winter weather to potentially derail their usual routines.

States like Michigan, Minnesota, New York, and North Dakota have additional winter advisory warnings throughout this weekend. Sunday should bring warmer temperatures, though. So, hopefully, the damage that any snow or ice does will be minimal with the higher temps.

In New York, Governor Kathy Hochul is preparing for more weather. She has sent out members of the National Guard in Ulster County. There was a heavier impact in the area and they needed help with some recovery efforts. She is also prepared to send more resources out in order to help with the rescue efforts. So, those communities are bracing for one more night it seems.

Winter Storm and Weather Has Done Damage Recently

In December, there were tornadoes. January, parts of the country started to get snow and bitterly cold temperatures for the first time all season. Now in February, it seems that the weather is going to continue to be cold, snowy, and icy.

States in the Southeast have had to deal with multiple events this season. After one ends, it almost seems like another one begins. These are just such difficult circumstances to work around. Especially in communities that aren’t prepared for heavy ice and snow. However, folks are doing the best that they can.

“We’re not out of the danger zone yet,” Gov. Hochul lamented. “The weather is wildly unpredictable.”

That’s true all over the country. The eastern half of the nation has been feeling it. Not only did snow and ice some through Tennessee, but a tornado recently went through the state in and around Memphis. It seems that the only place welcoming the winter storm has been Vermont, where skiers and snowboarders are enjoying the extra powder.