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Winter Storm Leaves Southeast, Atlantic Coast Blanketed in Snow: ‘Roads Remain Hazardous’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Preston Ehrler/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Another winter storm comes just a weekend after Winter Storm Izzy slammed the Midwest. This time, however, the snow and ice made its way up the Atlantic Coast. Both North and South Carolina were once again impacted as thick sheets of ice continue to cover the roads.

Authorities were warning travelers Friday to stay indoors and cancel travel plans due to hazardous road conditions. According to AccuWeather and the National Weather Service parts of Virginia and North Carolina saw more than six inches of snowfall throughout the region.

The weather service hailed the storm as a “once in a decade” event for parts of the States that don’t normally see such heavy snowfall. While the sun is up, temperatures remain below freezing causing thick ice on many roadways.

“The snow has stopped, the sun is up, temps remain below freezing and roads remain hazardous to motorists,” the Virginia Department of Transportation tweeted Saturday morning, per USA Today. “Stay home and avoid travel today.”

Further, North Carolina’s Department of Transportation also urged people to stay inside with a hot beverage instead of venturing outdoors.

The National Weather Service also reported that ice as thick as half an inch remains on roads in both the Carolinas.

“It’s already below freezing, it’s already pure freezing rain, so it looks like this is a textbook event to overperform in terms of the ice accumulation,” meteorologist Reed Timmer said Friday.

Winter Storm Causes Plane, Cars to Slide Off Road

Additionally, the storm caused major accidents. Cars skidded off roadways in North Carolina. A plane also slipped off the runway at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. No one was injured in the plane incident. An ambulance also slid off the roadway causing two workers inside some injuries, authorities reported.

Virginia and South Carolina declared states of emergency to reduce the amount of travelers on the road. Many people received winter weather advisories in addition to the declaration of emergency.

“I urge all Virginians to monitor their local weather forecasts and take personal safety precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of their families,” Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said in a statement, urging people to stay off roads during hazardous conditions.

Just last week another storm pummeled the Midwest. It also hit parts of the south, causing major traffic issues and tons of power outages. The storm produced high levels of snowfall and freezing temperatures. Virginia was in a state of emergency as the governor tried to warn people from traveling on Interstate 95. The busy highway saw hundreds of people stuck in their cars for more than 24 hours on some occasions.

Additionally, parts of Ohio saw 20 inches of snowfall in the storm.