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Winter’s Chill: Lake Tahoe Breaks December Snow Fall Record

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

As a kid, you look forward to snow every year because of the entertainment it gives. I know snow days were always a blast since they got you out of school for the day. But as you get older, you realize it’s more of a hassle. For example, it cancels the important activities you have for that day.

While kids are loving this December snowfall, parents are not too thrilled about it. With Lake Tahoe breaking a December snowfall record, that means they are out of work or activities for a few days. On the bright side, they got to experience a white Christmas! And that is what everyone looks forward to around this time of year.

You might be wondering, “Is this normal for this area to get this much or any snow at all?”

Well, Lake Tahoe usually gets about three inches of snow per year. But apparently, that’s not the case this year. A recent report said snowstorms with over five inches only occur 29 times a year here. So why do you think this happened this year? I guess Mother Nature is planning revenge.

Winter Might Get Worse for Lake Tahoe in the Early Months of 2022

As you all are aware, it is very unlikely for Nevada and California to get this much snow. And Yahoo News is even shocked about it from a tweet today.

“The Lake Tahoe Basin is sitting around 200 percent of average for snow water equivalent – the amount of water that will be released from the snowpack when it melts – from this time of year,” Yahoo wrote in their caption.

One person shared their excitement for this new snowy record.

“Best news ever! Sucks us North Cals have to give South Cal most of it, though,” @bomikey24 said. “But hey we’ll take it!”

The Western Record

Obviously, Northern California experiences more snow than Southern California. But nothing like this.

According to a Yahoo News report, “December snow totals at the UC Berkely Central Sierra Snow Lab reaching 193.7 inches. And this blows a 1970 record of 179 inches right out of the water.”

How can a place that is usually warm receive this much snow?

The regional climatologist for the Western Regional Climate Center, Dan McEvoy, explains the storm more in detail for Yahoo’s report.

“This has been a very beneficial storm for the Sierra region,” he said. “The median peak average is 27 inches, and today measured 16.1 inches of snow.”

Overall, this much precipitation might be a good thing for this part of the country. Since they are experiencing drought conditions, McEvoy said the storms need to continue throughout winter for it to get better.