Would You Try This Sausage Stuffed With Candy Corn?

by Brianna Vacca

Halloween brings up some scary stuff each and every year. And every time October comes around, the debate of candy corn resurfaces. Is it good? How bad is candy corn actually? Is it only a kid’s snack, or can adults enjoy it too? Maybe “is it poisonous?” has even crossed your mind.

Well, how about sausage stuffed candy corn? With all of the cruel and less than heart-warming stuff that has been circling the news lately, it really doesn’t sound all that bad. As a lover of meat myself, I give it the go-ahead.

Jenifer St. Market in Madison, Wisconsin, are selling these newly whipped-up treats just in time for spooky season. This Spooktoberfest brat and is stuffed with literal pieces of candy corn. A lot of people simply don’t know how to react. Some people are even calling this brat a crime against humanity. The butcher says, “‘Spook’Toberfest brats new today. Make with Lake Louie Brewing Oktoberfest and candy corn. Slightly sweet and not scary at all!”

NBC15‘s Tim Elliot and Isabel Lawrence stopped by this new spooky hotspot and gave it a thumbs up. Elliot says, “Pretty darn good! Just a little sweetness to go along with your tasty brat.”

If you’re in Madison, Wisconsin, make sure you stop by and grab yourself a bite.

Now, this isn’t the only – odd – meat invention over the years. Florida man Andrew Tambuzzo created a meat vending machine that is located right outside of Tambuzzo’s butcher shop in Tampa, Florida, the boozy pig. A candy corn stuffed sausage? Maybe not. A meat vending machine? Absolutely.

Candy Corn.. What?

This isn’t the first food invention crafted with candy corn. In 2020, along with all of the other crazy stuff we saw in 2020, Brach’s announced a turkey dinner made out of pure candy corn. That’s right! A candy corn dinner disguised as a turkey dinner. Their package hosted a full turkey dinner – turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes – and crafted those six artificially different flavors. If you were paid would you try this? Now, their fall-themed packaging really captures your eye and maybe, sometimes, you’re not in the mood to cook.

Six different flavors made from pure Sugar, Corn Syrup, Confectioner’s Glaze (Shellac), Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Gelatin, Honey, Sesame Oil, Titanium Dioxide (Color), Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Red 3, and other slightly healthy ingredients. Sounds mighty nutritious to me.

This year you can pair it with your “Spook”toberfest brat.

In 2018, a study showed that Idaho, Michigan, Rhode Island, Nevada, New Mexico, and Alabama all still listed candy corn as their favorite candy for the season. By 2020, not so many at all. Perhaps next year’s brat should be mixed with Reeses.