Wisconsin Restaurant Offers $1K Reward for Giant Rooster Statue

by Will Shepard

A chicken in Wisconsin was stolen, and its owner wants his property back. However, this isn’t just any chicken – it’s a rooster. What’s more, this isn’t any ol’ rooster, it’s a twelve-foot tall statue of a rooster dressed as a chef.

Sometime around March 26, the giant rooster statue was taken from the Osseo Family Restaurant in Osseo, Wisconsin. Now, though, the owner is fed up with not having his trademark statue back. So, he is offering up a $1,000 reward for it. Artan Shabani is also going to give the person who returns it a free meal.

In an interview with Fox News, Shabani says that he found out the rooster was gone almost by accident. One of his customers at the Wisconsin restaurant asked him if he had gotten rid of it.

“So I went next door and sure enough, it was gone.”

Unfortunately, there have been very few leads for Shabani. On the other hand, there have been a lot of people reaching out to offer their support.

The rooster has been around for roughly thirty years, living in front of the Osseo, Wisconsin restaurant. Shabani explains in the interview that he bought the diner about a year and a half ago. He had intended to turn it into a pizza place, but the pandemic curtailed those hopes.

He says that the rooster has been a popular picture opportunity spot even during the lockdown. So, it holds a lot of sentimental value for Wisconsin citizens.

A Massive Rooster Statue Belonging to a Wisconsin Restaurant Is Missing

During the interview, the Wisconsin restaurant owner says that all he wants is to have his prized possession back. He notes that the statue is not only twelve-feet tall but also four-feet wide.

Shabani explains that the rooster was bolted to the ground with massive steel beams. So, at the very least, it must have been quite the effort to take it away.

Again, Shabani explains that he just wants it back. The Wisconsin restaurant owner is hopeful that this is just a prank. He says that if it turns out to be a prank, he has no desire to press any kind of charges.

“If it’s a prank, if it’s some high school kids or college kids, I’m not pressing charges. I get it, they’re young, they’re having fun,” Shabani says. “They didn’t harm anybody; they didn’t damage the property or the business or anything. Of course, I’m not going to press charges. I’ll still even give them the $1,000 reward for bringing it back, too, and give them a free meal at the restaurant.”

However, Shabani continues explaining that if it turns out to not be a prank, well, “that’s a different story.” At which point, he will have to do what he feels is the right course of action.

If Shabani can’t get the rooster statue back, he plans to get another. The Osseo, Wisconsin owner explains that he is currently looking for another rooster.