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Witness Says Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie Argued ‘Aggressively’ Over the Phone

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Every day that passes brings new information about the Gabby Petito case. With the FBI asking for help almost a week ago, witnesses have come out with testimony on the two. A recent one involves a witness saying Gabby and Brian Laundrie argued “aggressively” over the phone.

The argument took place outside a Utah store last month, according to a new witness statement. The witness in question, Chris, reports “something seemed off,” between the two. The argument on August 12 has already received some attention, but new details surfaced. At one point, Petito is quoted asking Laundrie “why do you have to be so mean?”

Chris also notes in his statement that Petito appeared to be hitting Laundrie. Chris says the couple argued over the phone at Moonflower Community Cooperative right before 5 p.m. “They were talking aggressively at each other and something seemed off,” the statement reads. “I think the male took the female’s (sic) phone. It appeared that he didn’t want her in the white van.”

However, he climbed into the driver’s seat and Petito followed him. Things seemed to escalate, Chris says. “At one point she was punching him in the arm and/or face and trying to get into the van. I wasn’t sure how serious this was – it was hard to tell if they were sort of play fighting, but from my point of view something definitely didn’t seem right.”

A separate 911 call to police led to police officers pulling the couple over. Officers said the “male tried to create distance” by telling Petito to take a walk and calm down.

Gabby Petito Body Identified, FBI Confirms Death is Homicide

When a body was discovered and suspected to be Gabby Petito, everyone waited for news saying it was. The FBI recently confirmed it is in fact Petito and found the initial cause of death is homicide.

On Sunday, September 19, the FBI stated human remains were located and recovered. Stating they were consistent with the description of Gabby Petito, they transported the remains to the Teton County Coroner’s Office for forensic examination.

Though the cause of death is unknown and requires final autopsy results, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue confirmed the remains are indeed those of Gabby Petito. The FBI also released a statement on the matter. “The FBI’s commitment to justice is at the forefront of each and every investigation,” said FBI Denver Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider.

“The FBI and our partners remain dedicated to ensuring anyone responsible for or complicit in Ms. Petito’s death is held accountable for their actions. Mr. Brian Laundrie has been named a person of interest. Anyone with information concerning Mr. Laundrie’s role in this matter or his current whereabouts should contact the FBI.”