Woman Allegedly Attempts to Flag Down Plane By Running on LAX Tarmac

by Liz Holland
Entrance to Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is no stranger to bizarre behavior. For example, in a Monday night incident documented by an onlooker via twitter, a woman was seen running onto the tarmac.

Twitter user Tezyln Figaro documented the ordeal online. With this in mind, videos posted to Figaro’s account show the woman being restrained and her bags being searched.

Twitter Tells All

One of Figaro’s tweets documenting the incident reads, “Wow, I’m sitting here at @flyLAXairport @SouthwestAir & this white young lady runs out the door & on the tarmac trying to wave a plane down. It seems like it took the police forever to get here. If she were Black, she would be shot (with no questions asked)”.

As Figaro’s tweets garnered attention online, she then tweeted from her flight providing more details.

“I am on [the] plane using Wifi but the girl ran past me [and] ran out [the] exit door, down [the] steps [and] on [the] Tarmac to stop a plane! A SW employee ran down [the] steps 2 stop her. [The] police eventually showed up [and] handled her [with] care. I recorded bc [in] my profession I do not [see] Black [people] treated this way”, Figaro wrote late Monday night.

According to the LAXPD union twitter account, the woman in question was experiencing a mental health crisis. They replied to Figaro’s tweet saying, “Stop Interjecting things that just aren’t present or true. @LAAirportPD officers responded within minutes of the call.  Woman experiencing a mental health crisis.  Officers acted professionally placing her in custody an later transported her for a mental evaluation. #DoBetter.” 

Fezlyn and the LAXPD union Twitter account continue to go back and forth online in regards to this incident and race related issues in law enforcement cases at the time of writing.

Not the First Time for LAX Antics

Monday night is certainly not an isolated incident when it comes to concerning behavior surrounding LAX. Just a few weeks ago, a “power” bump caused the airport terminal to lose power. This caused panic and delayed several flights. Although the airport was back to normal within the hour, the effect the outage had was tremendous. At an airport with as much traffic as LAX, even a short lived delay can cause an undeniably intense domino effect.

A 747 pilot reported a man wearing a jet pack to Los Angeles air traffic control in July of this year. The sighting posed a substantial threat to LAX air traffic, and surprisingly was not a first. Further, similar sightings were reported in 2020 and were reported to be investigated by the FBI. The investigation has yet to come to a clear resolution. Conversely, some seem to think it’s very possible the flying jetpack man seen in July of this year was the same man from the reports from the year prior.