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Woman Assaults Boss After Being Asked to Wear Face Mask at Work

by Outsider
(Photo Credit: Oscar Wong/Getty Images)

A New York woman was charged with assault and taken into custody. Her crime? Refusing to wear a face mask at work.

Newsweek reports that 51-year-old Tina Hoch needed to wear her mask while at work, which her boss reminded her of. She allegedly threw various items at her manager to injure them and threw other items around the place of business.

State police responded to a fight at the business around 12:40 pm, but Hoch was located elsewhere later that day. Once found, she resisted arrest before succumbing to officers. She was released after processing.

As a result, Hoch is looking at a variety of criminal charges. These include third-degree assault, resisting arrest, third-degree criminal tampering, disorderly conduct, and obstructing governmental administration.

Masks in New York City as a preventative measure

Gov. Andrew Cuomo mandated mask-wearing as part of an executive order in New York. The order requires that people wear masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus. So far, it’s been relatively successful. Wearing a mask helps lessen the spread of droplets that could contain the virus. It’s important to wear your mask correctly to ensure this happens.

It’s unclear if this is the first time Hoch has fought back against the mask order. The New York Police Department has not offered a comment on the situation. Furthermore, it’s not clear if this was the first time or part of several times being asked to mask up prior to assault.

Mask wearing has been a difficult situation to broach for many. It continues to be a hot button topic across the country. Despite everything, however, masks continue to help drive down COVID-19 cases. This mandate will be in place likely for the foreseeable future. The virus is still with us for the long haul at present, it seems.

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