Woman Claims a ‘Ghost’ Took Her Dog’s Collar Off in Wild Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Less than two weeks separate fall lovers from their favorite Halloween celebrations. As such, it appears that as the spooky celebration nears, some haunting ghosts have come out to play. A few days ago, one TikToker shared her own spooky experience on the platform, or that is, her dog’s scary experience.

Check out the TikTok below as it appears a ghost removes the collar off of the woman’s black dog, who then goes ballistic.


sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate. ##fyp ##ghost ##dog ##scary ##wtf

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For the early part of the clip, we see the two dogs simply barking, whether at each other or something else, we can’t be sure. Suddenly, they get stark silent, the black dog barely moving. Next thing we know, we watch his collar as it unhooks and he backs into the corner of his crate, before the garment simply slides off his neck to the floor of the crate.

I’m not usually one to believe in the paranormal, however, for skeptics such as myself, nothing in the video appears to happen that would cause the dog’s collar to fall off like that. His reaction also hints at something present other than a loose collar.

TikTok users following the woman’s account had much to say regarding the incident.

“I’ve never seen such a convincing ghost video,” commented one follower. Another said, “Something that messes with the dogs doesn’t sit right with me.”

And, as we can all agree, “They both got very quiet…they felt the energy. That silence was unsettling.”

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World’s Oldest Ghost Story Has Comical Conclusion

For now, we’re left to decipher the instance of the dog’s haunting experience on our own. However, thanks to archaeologists at the British Museum, we now have insight as to the world’s oldest ghost story and, for dating more than 3,500 years old, it’s got quite a comical conclusion.

The ancient stone tablet, derived from Babylon, tells the story of a miserable male ghost, according to Dr. Irving Finkel, curator of the British Museum’s Middle Eastern department.

He told The Guardian, “You can imagine a tall, thin, bearded ghost hanging about the house did get on people’s nerves.” I feel as though this applies to the living, but nevertheless. Finkel stated, “The final analysis was that what this ghost needed was a lover.”

Overall, the meaning drawn from the story is explicit and clear. The curator shared, regardless of the comicality of the story, “There’s very high-quality writing there and immaculate draughtsmanship.”

Interestingly, despite the fun significance of the world’s first ghost story, it didn’t come to light until recently. Finkel shared that at first, the markings on the tablet are relatively unremarkable. However, “when you examine it and hold it under a lamp, this figures leap out at you across time in the most startling way.”

Appropriate for a ghost story I suppose.