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Woman Crashes Car Into Frozen Lake, Takes Selfie on Roof as It Sinks

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Taylor Weidman/LightRocket via Getty Images)

They say there’s a time and place for selfies, but some people just can’t help themselves in certain situations. For instance, a woman in Canada crashed her car into a frozen lake and as it began to sink, saw it as the perfect opportunity for a photo.

According to Daily Mail, the unidentified woman drove through the Rideau River on the outskirts of Ottawa, Canada. As her yellow Sedan began to go down, she climbed to the top of it and began snapping selfies as nearby onlookers attempted to rescue her. Luckily, residents close to the scene dragged a kayak over and managed to save her just in time. As they got away, only her car’s roof only barely being visible before sinking completely. Twitter user Lynda Douglas managed to get her own picture of the woman standing on the car before being rescued.

“Car driving on the ice in Manotick,” Douglas tweeted. “Went thru the ice. Driver was safely rescued by kayak from neighbours. @ctvottawa.”

Police responded to the incident around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Stating she was the only one in the vehicle, they charged her with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. This is a general charge, as driving on frozen water actually isn’t illegal there. Paramedics also arrived at the scene, but the woman denied any aid they offered her, the National Post reports.

Police Officer who Rescued Woman from Burning Home Now Saved a Dog Trapped in Frozen Lake

With winter weather seeming especially brutal this season, the incident with the woman and her car is one of many. Fortunately, another event with a frozen lake ended well, and with an established hero coming to the rescue yet again. The same police officer who rescued an elderly woman from a burning house saved a dog trapped in a frozen lake.

Lewiston Police Department officer Jon Smith showed his heroic chops yet again after rescuing the dog last December. After a flock of geese landed on the frozen lake, the dog ran out to the middle of it before some ice tragically gave way. The owners quickly called police and upon arriving, three officers, including Jon Smith, wasted no time helping. Inching closer to the dog on the thin ice, he managed to pull her into his arms and make it back to shore safely.

The owners even wrote a letter to the police department, which they happily shared on Facebook. Detailing the entire incident, they said everyone should “applaud his (Smith’s) professionalism and bravery.”