Woman Cuts off Own Hand To Collect Insurance Money, Found Guilty of Fraud

by Outsider
(Photo by Rudolf Vlcek / GettyImages)

A Slovenian woman is guilty of fraud for deliberately sawing off her own hand in order to claim an insurance payout.

22-year-old Julija Adlesic will serve two years in prison for the fraudulent claim. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, who is guilty of plotting the scam, will serve three years.

The pair signed life and injury insurance contracts with five different insurance companies, Fox News reported. Afterwards, the two then agreed to sever the hand of the woman at the wrist.

When she was transported to the hospital, Adlesic claimed the the incident happened by accident while sawing branches. The pair were hopeful of receiving 380,000 euros in damages along with an ongoing monthly payout of around 3,000 euros, according to police.

Adlesic and her partner reportedly left the hand behind intentionally instead of bringing it with them to the hospital. That way, they’d be more likely to receive up to three times higher compensation for permanent disability, police said. However, authorities managed to retrieve the hand in time, and doctors in a Ljubljana hospital were able to reattach it.

Prosecutors said that in the days before the incident, Adlesic’s boyfriend searched online for information about how artificial hands operate. Judges allowed the records to show that this was evidence that it was a deliberate scheme.

During the trial, the two pleaded not guilty, with Adlesic saying she would never have cut off her hand intentionally. ‘No one wants to be crippled,’ she told the court. ‘My youth has been destroyed. I lost my hand at the age of 20. Only I know how it happened.’

The story and trial has since gained a lot of public and media attention in the area.

‘We believe the sentences are fair and appropriate, and will serve their purpose,’ judge Marjeta Dvornik said.

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