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Woman Gets Swept Away After Plunging Into Icy River

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Kirill KukhmarTASS via Getty Images)

In a terrifying moment recently caught on video, a mother’s children watch in horror as she is swept away after leaping into a frozen river.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old mother of two jumped into the Oredezh River at night. She jumped to mark the Orthodox Epiphany in the village of Vyra, near St Petersburg. They believe that dipping in the freezing water has healing properties.

Footage of the incident shows the woman wearing only a black one-piece swimsuit. She stands on the ice next to the hole before jumping in.

In a video posted on The Sun, the mother crosses her heart before jumping feet first into the river. However, a fast-moving current quickly dragged her under the ice. The frightened children cried for their mother as a man believed to be her husband dove in after her seconds after she jumped.

After the man’s unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the mother, rescue divers began their search. However, the woman has not been found and is presumed to have drowned.

Head of the area’s rescue service, Alexander Zuyev criticized the group for cutting the ice hole where currents are strong. “The woman went for a plunge in a location where there are no rescuers or appropriate lighting in an unsuitable ice hole. It is one of the most dangerous rivers in the Leningrad region and people drown in it every year, even in summer.”

Father Dies Saving His Toddler From Drowning in River During Kayak Accident

According to the CDC, children are at the highest risk for drowning. However, back in October 2021, another parent accidentally passed away while his child is nearby.

Peter Flinch, a father of two young children, saved his 4-year-old son’s life in a deadly kayaking incident. Although Flinch was able to save his son’s life, he himself drowned in the rescue.

According to reports, the kayak carrying Flinch and his son overturned in the water as the two floated along the river. Unable to keep his footing, the father lifted his son above the water and tried to tread water. Onlookers assisted Flinch and his son as they rushed the scene to help the two.

Once the onlookers helped the two onshore, they contacted emergency services and resuscitation attempts began.

Once paramedics arrived at the scene of the incident, they tried unsuccessfully to save Flinch’s life. He died at the scene. Flinch is now and will forever be remembered as a hero for his selfless acts in saving his child from drowning.

Flinch’s family and friends honored the late father. In her Facebook post, Natalie, Peter’s wife, praises her husband and professes her love.

“Peter, my husband, my lover, my best friend, my partner in crime, my hero, I don’t know how to do life without you! You have been my rock for the last 17-and-a-half years. No one has my back like you do! You are the most amazing, fun, loving, beautiful daddy. I promise the kids will always know just how wonderful you are, our hero. The kids and I love you forever and always, to the moon and back and back again, more than all the stars in the sky,” she praises.

At Outsider, we give our condolences to the mother and her family in Russia and hope for their healing and closure.