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Woman Gives 12-Foot Tall Skeleton New Halloween Costume Each Day

by Jacklyn Krol
Marvin Joseph, Getty Images

A woman gave her 12-foot tall Home Depot skeleton decoration the Halloween treatment, with new costumes every day!

Meet the Halloween Mascot, Skelly

New Jersey native Ali Nugent purchased the skeleton for one of her favorite holidays. She has handmade each especially custom costume for the giant beast. He has been getting a new costume almost every single day of October.

This is undeniably one of the most unique Halloween attractions in the state. Above all, Skelly is going to become a tradition for Nugent.

What Skelly’s Owner Ali Had to Say

“I saw it at my local Home Depot and fell in love,” Nugent told Outsider. “I went back and visited a few times to see if the price changed and decided to pull the trigger one day. I ended up having to drive up to Staten Island [New York] to buy one as all the ones closer we’re sold out.”

Additionally, Nugent made each costume herself and had to find clothes to fit his surprisingly massive frame. Undoubtedly, her favorite costume is the ghost or clown.

“Skelly in overalls is just too much for me,” she said. “I frequented my local Goodwill and Dollar Stores to get an idea of what to dress him up as. I ended up sewing a lot of the costume pieces. I have more that I didn’t get to do because the weather has been pretty bad the second half of oct here in [New Jersey].”

How did she manage to dress a creature that is more than double in size in detail? It was certainly not easy. Given that New Jersey has been experiencing storms, it has been especially hard to dress him. “I have to use an 11-foot ladder and go up and down numerous times to dress him and it’s really scary to do in the wind and rain,” she admitted.

So what will he be for the big day, Halloween? “I think he’ll either be a king-size candy bar for Halloween or Marge Simpson,” she revealed.

Furthermore, Halloween won’t be the only time Skelly will be displayed. “I’m currently making him a Santa suit for Christmas,” she revealed. “Hoping to find a way to keep Skelly up all year!”

Find Skelly on Twitter

Skelly is undoubtedly here to stay for the long haul. In a similar fashion, he will be displayed for another holiday. Indeed, he can be a centerpiece for any holiday, really. Finally, be sure to follow Nugent and his epic adventures on Twitter.