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Woman Moves Family to Alaskan Wilderness to Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP) (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

We’ve all thought about what would happen if the zombie apocalypse were to grip the world in a dire end-of-days scenario. However, one family is taking it a bit more seriously than most. A man and his wife have moved their family to Alaska to become self-sustainable in case of a total loss of power (and ya know, zombies).

According to the New York Post, Morgan Rogue, 37, decided she’s not taking any chances. The woman and her family have gone off the grid just in case. Rogue has been preparing for over 10 years in case there’s a worldwide power outage. The woman originally realized she needed to prepare when she lost the ability to charge her phone during a power outage in 2010. That’s when she decided to do some research and start preparing.

Equipped with enough canned goods for six months, the family is also growing food, maintaining farm animals and digging a well in the Alaskan wild. Along with her husband and two children, the family works to prepare emergency supplies and stay ready.

“The biggest reason I began prepping was because the power went out one day. My phone was low on power, and I didn’t know what I would do if I needed to charge my phone – that sent me down a rabbit hole of ideas,” Morgan says.

She goes on to add:

“The more I started prepping, the more extensive my preps became, and the more self-reliant I wanted to become. So many things are out of our control – natural disasters, car accidents, attacks, contaminated water and so on.”

Pandemic Encouraged Family to Prepare for Apocalypse

Additionally, with the risk of Covid-19, Rogue knew it was time to pack up and move. Since 2020, the family began preparing for the worst in Alaska.

She also encourages her children to adopt and grow in the lifestyle. Each child has a bag of emergency supplies for when things go downhill.

“We run on solar power, generators, and soon, wind power,” says Morgan. She also added, “We will soon have a well with a pump that will run on solar power, as well as a hand pump. We have chickens already and are planning to acquire more animals and grow a larger garden, build a root cellar, and build a greenhouse. I’m constantly working to learn new skills so that I’m less reliant on others. I hate buying bread, so I make my own and I realized I needed to grow the grain, grind the grain and harvest wild yeast in order to make it.”

Further, the family have also become seasoned hunters, learning to provide their own meat.

“Preparedness is a part of my family’s everyday life. We’re all very open about whatever needs to get done. I’ve gotten my kids involved with building their own bug-out bags, as well as helping with inventory since they were born.”