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Woman Removes Parts of Gabby Petito Memorial at Laundrie Home That Criticize Brian’s Parents

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Details are still emerging in the Gabby Petito case, despite the incredibly tragic tale that’s unfolding. In the weeks since Gabby’s murder, a massive search ensued for Brian Laundrie, the woman’s 23-year-old fiancé. That search ended Wednesday when his remains were found in the Florida wildlife reserve where he went Sept. 13. Now, offering compassion instead of hate, one woman is taking down protest signs in front of the Laundrie family home.

After Brian returned home in September without Gabby, both he and his parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, did not help with search efforts for the woman. They also did not answer questions from police officers. Further, they stayed silent after her body was found in the Wyoming park she was last seen with Brian. Because of this, internet sleuths have called out the family for being unhelpful in the investigation. This also spawned protests in front of the Laundrie home. People leave hateful messages or wait for the chance to berate the Laundries as they come and go from their home.

A woman who claims she knew both Brian and Gabby told Fox News it was enough.

“Let the family go through it,” the woman says in the video as she picks hateful signs from the Gabby Petito memorial at the edge of the Laundrie property. “The world needs to know they’re not bad people. They didn’t do anything wrong. And if it was my son, I would probably do the same thing.”

She also said that if it were her son, she would speak to Gabby’s family to try and offer an explanation instead of staying quiet. She also urged people in bad relationships to “seek help.”

Gabby and Brian’s Demise

Both Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had a rocky, unbalanced relationship. Friends detailed how they would frequently break up and then get back together. Despite this, the two set out on a summer road trip in July. They were living in a converted van and traveled all over to national and state parks. Gabby was documenting the entire trip through social media posts.

After getting into an altercation in mid-August, Utah police separated Gabby and Brian for the night. In what some call harrowing bodycam footage, Gabby is obviously upset and emotional. It was just days before Gabby died. When authorities found her body in Wyoming, they determined she’d been strangled. Brian returned home from the trip by himself in September. He then went missing two days after Gabby’s family filed a missing person’s report.

On Wednesday, Brian was also found dead. The sad tale keeps getting worse as Gabby’s family and followers of the case want justice for her murder.