Woman Returns to Work Despite Winning a Lottery Jackpot

by Madison Miller

We all like to imagine what we would do if we suddenly found out we won a massive lottery jackpot.

Would we immediately hop onto Zillow and search for the most expensive crib on its own sandy beach or perched on a mountain? Would we send money to our loved ones? Are we throwing it all in a savings account? Buying a flashy car?

There’s always one question after winning that much money — would you go back to work?

One woman was so nice that she still went to work the day she found out she won a $5 million jackpot. Apparently, she was getting ready for her shift that day when her phone rang with the news that she was a jackpot winner. Instead of immediately starting to celebrate, the woman decided to keep on getting ready for work.

“We don’t want to let our teams down so I don’t think we’ll be able to call in sick, but we might do something nice tonight to celebrate,” the unnamed winner from North Queensland, Australia said, according to The Sun. Now, that’s a team player.

She won the Oz Lotto draw this week. She was able to match all seven numbers in a single game panel to get the jackpot. As for what she’s doing with the money, the woman is already developing a pretty solid plan. She said she wants to help her parents retire and also wants to buy her dream home.

Whether or not she will continue working at her job is unclear at the moment. We feel pretty confident that she is considerate enough to at the very least give a two-week notice.

“This is a life-changing win for us. We’ve had a tough few months so this will help us so much,” the woman also said. It certainly is a very life-changing amount of money she now has her hands on.

Man Charged with Stealing Lottery Tickets

This woman earned her jackpot and even went to work that day. A man in Montana, however, is being charged after stealing thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes and lottery tickets.

According to KRTV, James Alexander Drew stole from the local Town Pump store. He apparently broke into a cage in an upstairs employee-only area. He was able to swipe 55 cartons of cigarettes, which is about $5,000 worth of product. The man also took $2,400 worth of lottery tickets and some other store merchandise.

True karma would mean he doesn’t win a single penny from the lottery tickets he stole. Drew was found and arrested on February 11, so he likely never got the chance to play all the tickets. He is being charged with felony burglary and felony theft.