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Woman with Memory Loss Found on Remote Island Finally Identified

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Bluered/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

After being found on a remote island off the coast of Croatia along the Mediterranean Sea, authorities have finally discovered the identity of a Slovak missing woman. They initially found the woman on September 12th. Croatian police and other agencies worked internationally to determine who she is and where she’s from.

According to Croatian rescue services, they found the woman sitting on a jagged rock close to the sea. They further stated they located her in a remote part of the island, called Krk. Reportedly, the area is inhabited by bears.

Upon discovery, rescuers stated the woman spent a night on the shore, later found, “exhausted with light injuries and disoriented.”

Local media had further shared the woman spoke English but possessed no form of identification and no cellphone. She could not give her name.

Authorities then took the woman to a hospital after her rescue. In efforts to identify her, police released photos of the woman both locally and internationally. Finally, a tip from the United States identified her as Daniela Adamcova. Adamcova (57) previously lived in the U.S. until 2015 before moving to Ireland. She had been a successful jewelry maker before becoming homeless.

Now, the previously unidentified woman classifies as stable. Following her release from the hospital, social services plan to take over to better help assist the woman.

Authorities still don’t know how Adamcova wound up on the remote island in the first place. However, local police released a statement thanking local and international agencies and individuals alike. The statement read, “The police would like to thank the citizens, from the country and abroad, domestic and foreign media, as well as their colleagues from Slovakia, for their help and cooperation [in]…establishing the identity of the found woman.”

Woman Found After Two Years Missing

Fortunately for our found Slovak woman, authorities and caring individuals around the world quickly matched her with her identity. Because of this, she was more easily tended to. She may additionally receive more assistance from local and federal agencies as they look to rehabilitate her.

However, unfortunately, rapidity is not always the case. Last year, fishermen pulled a woman from the sea, barely clinging to life, drifting in the ocean. The miraculous save took place last September. Rolando Visbal, a Colombian fisherman, spotted the missing woman whom he thought had been a log.

The woman, Angelica Gaitan (46), went missing two years earlier. She shared with Visbal and his companion that she’d been floating for quite a while. After arriving at a local hospital, suffering from intense hypothermia and, presumably, trauma and exhaustion, staff told her the time. Based on that, she estimated she’d been in the water for more than 8 hours. She additionally shared sharks had encircled her, falling in and out of consciousness the entire time.

Although, the woman’s disappearance and preceding rescue stem from sad origins. She told authorities post-rescue that she disappeared following a brutal assault by her abusive ex-husband. After she saw eviction from a refuge, she determined to commit suicide, throwing herself into the sea. Eight hours later she said, “God did not want me to die.”