World UFO Day: Check Out This Utah Ranch That Is Massively Popular for ‘Extraordinary’ Sightings

by Chris Haney

This Saturday, July 2nd marks World UFO Day, an annual event focused on the existence of unidentified flying objects. For more than 20 years, UFO enthusiasts have celebrated on July 2 while attempting to raise awareness about the unexplained.

At a Glance

  • July 2nd marks the annual World UFO Day, which enthusiasts have celebrated since 2001
  • The event is held each year with the aim of raising awareness about unidentified flying objects
  • One of the most celebrated areas for “extraordinary” sightings in the U.S. is Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch

According to the World UFO Day website, “the UFO community unites to celebrate their beliefs” during the annual event. “Each year World UFO Day helps us spread our message and open the eyes of people,” the website reads. As people across the globe celebrate today, the website shares ways you can participate. The group says you can watch UFO movies or “talk with your friends about the possibility of UFOs or alien life.”

For decades, people have received doubt and ridicule for sharing their accounts of UFO sightings. Yet recent declassified military sightings and a public hearing in Congress have brought the UFO discussion to the forefront.

While many will celebrate today, others have dedicated their time, money, and lives to the cause that’s now more mainstream than ever. One of those people is real estate tycoon Brandon Fugal who owns Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah. Today, on World UFO Day, we’re looking at Fugal’s ranch, which is one of the most popular areas for “extraordinary” sightings in the world.

World UFO Day: Why UFO Enthusiasts Are Obsessed With Skinwalker Ranch

As UFO enthusiasts take time on World UFO Day to raise awareness about the unknown, many will talk about and research some of the hotbeds for activity. One of the highlights for the UFO community lies in Uintah County, southeast of Ballard, Utah. A sprawling 512-acre property, Skinwalker Ranch is reputed to be the site of both paranormal and UFO-related activities. Also known as Sherman Ranch, the property has become a legendary location for potential UFO sightings, and garnered huge interest from enthusiasts.

As mentioned, real estate tycoon Brandon Fugal has owned the ranch since 2016. He purchased the ranch from billionaire Robert Bigelow specifically to conduct scientific research on the property. Fugal hopes to assess and document the “extraordinary” claims of UFOs and paranormal activity at Skinwalker Ranch.

Fugal spoke with Newsweek recently about the ranch and his work within the UFO community. His interest in the unknown didn’t kick in until he was 43 years old after he owned the ranch for six months already. A chance encounter in broad daylight made Fugal a believer, which he recalled in the interview.

“On October 14, 2016, I had my first UFO sighting in broad daylight on Skinwalker Ranch. With multiple witnesses at my side, simultaneous with equipment malfunctions occurring,” Fugal said. “In addition to the up-close UFO sighting above the mesa at Skinwalker Ranch, I have witnessed other strange phenomena including extraordinary synchronicities, people having strange acute medical episodes on the ranch, and unusual aerial phenomena.”

Skinwalker Ranch Is the ‘Most Scientifically Studied Paranormal Hotspot On the Planet’

Brandon Fugal’s ranch is so well-known for UFO encounters that it has its own History Channel documentary series. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is now in its third season of production on the network. However, the ranch is not open to the public or visitors of any kind. The ranch’s website answers that question emphatically in the FAQ section. “Can I take a tour of the ranch?” the FAQ section asks.

“No. Because of the scientific experiments on the ranch, it is closed to the public,” the website answers.

UFO enthusiasts can’t visit, but they can watch the History Channel series, which is the next best thing. The series follows experts and scientists who are researching the site as they attempt to get to the bottom of the alleged paranormal activity.

“Skinwalker Ranch is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet, with the highest frequency of documented UFO sightings, bizarre cattle mutilations, electromagnetic anomalies, and unexplained phenomena,” Fugal told Newsweek.

There doesn’t seem to be definitive scientific evidence of an abundance of UFO activity in the area. Also, there are accounts that doubt the “proof” of any evidence of sightings on the ranch. Yet there’s no denying that Skinwalker Ranch is one of many locations that will be talked about at length within the UFO community on World UFO Day.