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World War II Veteran Has Final Wish Granted and Gets Casket Painted Like a Pack of Juicy Fruit

by Outsider
Juicy Fruit Gum Casket
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A 94-year-old World War II veteran named Suttie Economy has a special wish. Economy wants his casket painted like a pack of Juicy Fruit gum.

Economy has handed out packs of Juicy Fruit gum to friends and family over the course of his life. The fruit-flavored gum became Economy’s signature over time. Now, as he is sicker and looking to make end-of-life preparations, he knows he’ll have exactly what he wanted out of his casket. Hence, his desire to have a custom casket.

Sammy Oakey of Oakey’s Funeral Service and Crematory in Roanoke, VA shared his friend’s wish. Economy told Oakey that he wanted his casket painted like his favorite gum.

Oakey noted Economy “purchased tens of thousands of packs of the gum over the years.” He took them to funeral homes in addition to family gatherings. Also, he’s never seen without a pack on him.

Manufacturer Mars Candy refused to offer permission

Initially, manufacturer Mars Candy denied using the Juicy Fruit trademark on Economy’s casket. The company didn’t cite a reason why. Furthermore, it took a massive social media response and a personal email from Oakey to get them to change their stance.

After Oakey reached out, the company president reached out to approve the request. Oakey didn’t give up. He received a much different response the second time around. The manufacturer also offered a statement on the matter.

“We appreciate the role our products have played in creating better moments and more smiles for this individual and the Roanoke community,” a company spokesperson told Fox News.

Economy’s casket will feature a custom painted lid or pall meant to resemble Juicy Fruit gum. That means glossy yellows and red for an eye-catching display. Oakey hopes Economy’s death won’t be for some time. But whenever he does pass away, his casket is sorted.

The next time Economy’s friends and family open a pack of Juicy Fruit, he’ll be on their minds. All things considered, he’s pulled off something very cool here. As long as you have something to look forward to when you die, perhaps passing isn’t that bad.

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