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World War II Veteran Reconnected with Lost Items After 76 Years: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by: Edwin Remsberg / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This story out of Colorado is just amazing. A World War II veteran was reunited with lost items from his time in the war.

A Czech reporter was metal detecting around Prague. He came across a small handful of items including a gold bracelet with an engraving. After posting the items on social media, he went about finding who they belonged to. Eventually, he came across Joe Esquibel’s family. That reporter, Petr Svihove, made sure to get the items returned.

Esquibel is from Grand Junction, Colorado. A fellow resident of the city saw the social media posts. Then, they got in contact with his daughter, Jolene Esquibel-Archuleta. At first, the family thought it was a scam.

However, after verifying some info, they realized it was the real deal. You can check out the video here at WTAE 4 Pittsburgh.

“This is a part of my dad’s history,” Jolene said, World War II, the greatest generation. And on the back of the bracelet, he has my mom’s name that he engraved himself. We come from a very faithful family and I think he just wanted to have her there and it means everything to have these back for him.”

The family was surprised and excited to get the items back. After 76 years apart from these personal items, Esquibel was reunited with them. Social media isn’t always the best thing. However, it can create great moments such as this. Having those items back means everything to the WWII veteran.

“I was really surprised, really,” the vet said. “More than anything else.”

World War II Veterans Make Journey to Pearl Harbor

WWII veterans are rare nowadays. However, this month is a time to reflect on their sacrifices and the war itself. The Pearl Harbor anniversary has come by yet again and for vets still with us, it is such an important day.

Earlier this month, a group of WWII vets made their way to Pearl Harbor for a special remembrance ceremony. This year, of course, marked the 80th year since the attack that dragged the United States into war.

For the theme this year, the remembrance day commemoration was, “Valor, Sacrifice, and Peace.” For one veteran, Bryce Jordan, a US Army Air Corp pilot, this meant everything. The 97-year-old was able to take part in the ceremony.

“It means so much, especially in the last years of my life (because) it’s so important,” Jordan said.

For the WWII veterans, this was a day dedicated to the memory of those that are here and those that have passed. The theme was perfect for the 80th anniversary of the ceremony. It really is hard to believe that the 100th anniversary is so close.

Ceremonies like these give us a chance to honor the Greatest Generation year after year.