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World War II Veteran’s Funeral Gets F-16 Flyover

by Amy Myers
(Photo credit should read PATRICK LIN/AFP via Getty Images)

In honor of the late World War II veteran, Maj. Lowell D. Millisor, two F-16 fighter jets flew over during the funeral ceremony.

State Military Affairs Department Honors World War II Veteran at Funeral

Upon hearing the news of Millisor’s passing, the 115th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard scheduled two F-16 fighter jets to fly over during the funeral, according to the state’s Department of Military Affairs. While this isn’t the type of jet that Millisor flew during his service in World War II, it did honor his career as a pilot. Millisor also received his military honors during this time.

According to the late World War II veteran’s obituary, “He served in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years, as a B17 pilot during World War II where he flew 31 missions over Europe, retiring as Major in 1965. After retirement, Mike worked for the UW as a purchasing agent, retiring in 1987.”

Outside of his military and purchasing agent careers, Millisor was a proud member of the Tuesday Night Riders and Chowder Society, a motorcycle-riding group.

“He loved traveling on his motorcycle and was still riding his BMW at the age of 90. Mike enjoyed his daily walks through Wildwood Park, playing cards with his family and reading the newspaper, especially the comics. He loved anything chocolate and ice cream,” the obituary continued.

Millisor lived to be 101 years old.

Residents of Madison, Wisconsin could also witness the meaningful ceremony as the jets took flight between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Saturday. The best area to watch the F-16s was downtown Madison.

World War II Receives Cards Across the World for His Birthday

Of course, the presence of the F-16s at the World War II pilot’s funeral is just one of the many ways that so many across the country have shown their appreciation to our veterans. Late last month, a fellow veteran’s daughter decided to do something extra special for his upcoming birthday.

Anna, daughter to World War II veteran, Don Brown, asked for people around the world to send him birthday cards.

“He’s just amazing so I wanted to make it super special, and just said, ‘Hey my dad’s going to be 95. It’d be really cool if he could get some cards’, you know, something extra in the mail besides bills and advertisements.” Anna told KTVB7. “You know, maybe 10-15 cards.”

They ended up receiving 180.

“It’s so heartwarming and so powerful… because it is such a testimony to how much good is left,” Abby told the outlet. ” I think it means more than he’s even really able to say.”