The ‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ Dies After Not Showering in Over 60 Years

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images)

Though he may not have held any official record, the “world’s dirtiest man” passed away this month. The man, an Iranian hermit, chose not to shower for more than 60 years and became known as Amou Hagi. Hagi died at 94 years old.

The New York Post reports Amou Haji, which is actually an “endearing” nickname given to elderly people, died Sunday. He marked his final days in the village of Dejgah.

Prior to his death, Amou Haji boasted grime-covered skin and matted hair.

According to the outlet, the world’s unofficial dirtiest man chose not to shower for health reasons. He believed soap and water would make him sick. Interestingly, several months prior to his death, villagers had reportedly “taken him to a bathroom to wash.” That fact suggests that perhaps Haji’s concerns about soap and water weren’t entirely unfounded.

Regardless, Amou Haji has a unique story, and his decision to rule out bathing is even more so.

The world’s dirtiest man lived most of his life as a true hermit, away from people in a brick hut. However, the hut was actually a gift from villagers after they’d discovered Haji sleeping in a hole in the ground.

Given the extreme eccentricity of his lifestyle, local villagers believed Haji’s choice not to bathe was a product of “emotional setbacks” from his youth. Further, nearly a decade ago, an Iranian news outlet reported that as the world’s dirtiest man, Haji also avoided fresh food. He instead opted for eating rotted porcupines and smoked an odd-looking pipe full of animal excrement.

Meet the Man Who’s Up Next for Title ‘World’s Dirtiest Man’

We all have ambitions and goals, however, some people’s are certainly stranger—and more pointedly repulsive— compared to others. Following the death of the Iranian hermit Amou Haji, the title for the world’s dirtiest man has now opened up. And, oddly enough, there’s already another potential contender ready to take his place.

According to the news outlet, The Guardian previously did a story about another grime-covered person, an Indian man named Kailash “Kalau” Singh. As of 2009, Singh had not showered in over 30 years which, more than a decade later, definitely gives him a leg-up over other potentially filthy champs around the world.

Singh actually spoke with an Indian news outlet several years ago and, while Amou Hagi believed soap and water would make him ill, Singh abstained from bathing for another reason entirely.

To the outlet, he said his decision not to bathe was an attempt to help “all the problems confronting the nation.” However, in contrast, neighbors argued Singh, who was then 63 years old, chose not to bathe as some strange form or protest or perhaps a kind of self-inflicted punishment. Neighbors revealed Singh fathered seven daughters and his less-than-cleanly lifestyle marked his effort to welcome a son.