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World’s Oldest Person Ever Has Died at 135

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

After a very long 135 years on this planet, Almihan Seyiti closed her eyes for the very last time.

Seyiti claimed to have been 135 years old when she passed away on Thursday. This would make her the oldest person in recorded history. She was declared the nation’s oldest living person in 2013 by the China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Almihan Seyiti Passes Away

According to the New York Post, she died peacefully while surrounded by her family. She got married back in 1903 and her husband passed away in 1976. Then, the two adopted both a boy and a girl as well. Sadly, given just how long she lived, Sayiti had to watch six generations of descendants pass away.

She is survived by 43 different grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

During her long life, Seyiti has seen and been through a lot of personal and world history moments. She claims to be born on June 25, 1886, in Xinjiang, Western China. At the time, the Qing dynasty was going on.

As of now, Guinness World Records representatives are still trying to verify her age. She did not keep the greatest records during her life. If they are able to verify her age, she will in fact be the oldest person at the time of her death.

Other Oldest Person Verifications

Before it can be verified, Jeanne Calment will hold onto that record. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 122. There’s a bit of controversy woven into that record as well, however. Some investigators think that she may have been using her mother’s ID. This would have added 23 years to her age that was inaccurate.

Regardless, she still holds that place in history. The oldest man to ever live was Jiroemon Kimura. He was from Japan and lived to be 116. 

At this moment, Kane Tanaka is the oldest person still currently alive. She is a woman from Japan that was born in 1903. Not only has she lived to such an old age, but she was also able to beat cancer on two separate occasions.

According to CNN, Tanaka is 118 years old. She recently had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch as it passed through Shime in her home of Fukuoka. During her long life, Tanaka has survived cancer but has also lived through two different global pandemics.

“It’s great she reached that age and she can still keep up an active lifestyle — we want other people to see that and feel inspired, and not to think age is a barrier,” said her grandson Eiji Tanaka to the news outlet. She was born on January 2, 1903, which means she also has yet another birthday around the corner.