Would You Stay at the ‘World’s Most Remote’ Hotel for $13K?

by Madison Miller

With the hectic holiday season in full swing, now may be a better time than any to plan a remote getaway to escape from the chaos for a bit.

While many people tend to pack their bags for sunny trips to beaches in California, Hawaii, Florida, and other sandy hotspots during the winter, a remote hotel has something else to offer. That is complete tranquility and a lot of isolation.

Remote Hotel in Alaska

According to The Sun, there is a new mountain-top chalet. It is located on the ridge of Don Sheldon Amphitheater in Ruth Glacier, Alaska. It costs a whopping $35,000 to stay at the exclusive hotel for just three nights.

On top of that, people can only stay at the five-bedroom chalet by traveling by air to get there.

When you do get there, you’ll feel like you’re quite literally on the top of your world and in a world of your own all at once. It’s 6,000 feet above sea level right in the mountains of the Denali National Park.

The national park is home to some of the tallest and largest mountain ranges. It is larger than the state of New Jersey and is the house of seemingly infinite mostly untouched wilderness.

That massive price tag for the three-night stay does include the helicopter shuttle and a private concierge. While you’re at the chalet you can also go on amazing adventures amongst the Alaskan wilderness, which is also known for its wildlife population, especially grizzly bears.

The chalet itself is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous fireplace and a dining space. However, the rooms themselves are left fairly scarce because it’s the Alaskan mountains themselves that are the star. The chalet is full of wide windows on every wall in order to give guests a constant panoramic view.

Robert and Kate Sheldon first built the chalet. It was named the Sheldon Chalet in honor of their parents who designed the original hotel back in 1966. “My mom and dad were people worth remembering, but their desire for this property had nothing to do with their own legacy. They just wanted other people to experience this place that’s majestic beyond anything else on the planet,” Robert Sheldon told the Chicago Tribune in 2018.

Jackson Hole Vacation

For the avid skiers out there, a vacation in Jackson Hole may suit you the best.

According to Travel + Leisure, Luxury Sports and Après Ski Experience offers a luxurious vacation for someone looking to explore Wyoming. A package with the company includes traveling on a private jet, winter sports, a five-night stay in a stunning lodge, daily massages, and dining services.

The highlights of the trip would really be the Nordic skiing and snowshoeing during these colder months. You’ll need to dish out $84,000 for it all, though.