WWII Nurse Skydives in Florida to Celebrate 100th Birthday: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

What does a 100-year-old do for their birthday? For WWII nurse Raymonde Sullivan, it’s simple, go skydive. Yes, really! Sullivan, who lives in Sebastian, Florida, decided that for her birthday, she was going to do something she had never done before. Her friends and family thought she was just joking. She was very serious, and now she’s making the news.

WWII Nurse Skydives for Birthday

  • Raymonde Sullivan wanted to celebrate her 100th birthday with a skydive
  • Video of the jump captured the reaction of the 100-year-old
  • Originally from England, Sullivan took in the Florida coast from the sky

We’ve probably all said it at some point in our life. “I gotta go skydiving.” Yet, for the majority of us, it’s just talk. The same goes for “If I ever make it to ____ years old I’m gonna…” Sullivan did that and made true to her promise all at the same time.

She was strapped up with a much younger guide that did his best to keep her in good spirits and make sure she was comfortable the entire time. In the video below you can see the two scoot out of the plane from a seated position and take off. Check it out.

Back in WWII, Sullivan was treating wounded soldiers on the battlefields of Europe. Now, she continues her badass ways by skydiving as a centenarian. She told her family and friends that she was going to do it. They didn’t believe her.

“I had never done it,” she explained to the media. “And I’ve done a lot [of] things in 100 years. I thought I must do it while I can.”

When it came down to it, the moment looked more than a little terrifying. The former nurse was taking it all in while holding on for dear life. Her guide kept giving a thumbs-up as they went through each stage of the dive, however, I’m not sure how much of that she paid attention to.

“It was scary,” she admitted. “I would say it is.”

Sullivan’s Big Takeaway

When it comes down to it, this WWII nurse taking the chance on this skydive is just awesome. Something we all talk about doing, she went and did it and is able to tell the story after. After a long life of experiences and activities, this is something that she can write off of the bucket list and put to rest.

Is she ever going to go skydiving again? “No,” Sullivan said, laughing. “No.”

So, nothing is going to get her back up in that plane, I don’t think. She’s done it, been there, made it through it all, and now she doesn’t want to do it again. I think we can all understand why she would make that decision.