WWII Vet Turning 102, His Daughter Is Asking for 102 Birthday Cards for Him

by Leanne Stahulak

People who fought during World War II are now in their 90s or even over 100 years old. And this WWII vet’s daughter asked for 102 birthday cards to celebrate his 102nd birthday.

Marvin Rodemsky’s birthday is this Sunday, according to Mid-Michigan NOW. The outlet reports that Rodemsky’s daughter, Char Campbell, said her father fought for America in WWII. The vet’s lived in Millington, Michigan, out by Saginaw, for the last 80 years.

She posted a message on Facebook, along with a picture of the 102-year-old WWII vet. In the post, Campbell repeats the info reported by Mid-Michigan NOW: her dad will turn 102. He’s a WWII vet. And he’s lived in Millington for 80 years.

Only Campbell also included a sharp jab at local news in the area: “Since no TV stations or Tuscola county advertiser have no interest in interviewing him, I would like to get 102 birthday cards sent to him,” Campbell wrote in the post.

She included the address that birthday cards can be sent to, which is as follows, “Marvin Rodemsky, Box 213, Millington, MI 48746.”

So far, the post about the WWII vet has been shared 929 times. It’s also been liked by 156 people. Several commented on the post that they’d shared Campbell’s message in multiple groups, spreading the word. One person also wrote, “A card is in the mail from Arizona!”

Girl Writes Letter to WWII Vet 12 Years Ago, Two Reunite in 2021

Speaking of sending mail, back in 2009, another WWII vet named Frank Grasberger received a thank-you note from a nine-year-old. In it, the girl thanks Grasberger for his service during the 1940s. He looked for that girl for 12 years, before the two finally met up for the first time this past year.

DeShauna Priest, now 21, serves in the Army National Guard reserve. She’s held onto a letter Grasberger sent back to her all those years ago, just like Grasberger held onto hers.

“You’re not the girl,” he exclaimed when they first met. “Don’t make me cry, please. Honest to God. Oh, I love you so much. I really do. You don’t know how long…I pray every night with this thing, I really do. This is a Godsend, it really is.”

The two were in tears before long, hugging one another and talking about how the WWII vet tried to find Priest for so many years. Grasberger’s current senior living facility, Vitalia, helped him on his mission to find the little girl who wrote that letter back in 2009.

Resident services director Jill Pawloski managed to find Priest through social media and set up a meeting with the two. You can see their heartwarming reunion in the video here.

“And now I met the girl that signed me the letter…and that is a real miracle,” Grasberger said. “That really is.”