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WWII Veteran Surprised on 101st Birthday

by Amanda Glover
(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

On Saturday afternoon, the Texas community surprised World War II veteran, James William Niederer, celebrating his 101st birthday.

According to FOX 4, an Army supply truck wheeled Niederer around in style, along with several other vehicles. He was also presented with a camp helmet. It only made his birthday more special as he used to drive them in the war.

“Aww, look at all you people! Oh my!” Niederer exclaimed after witnessing all that came to help him celebrate. According to the veteran’s son, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed Niederer’s birthday plans for last year. However, his son and Colonel Michael Hunt came up with something just as spectacular.

After birthday guests helped him into the vehicle, the driver gave Niederer a ride to Plano Veteran’s Memorial Park. This is also a special birthday for the veteran because out of the 250 people in his company, he’s the last survivor.

Since many people don’t make it to Niederer’s age, the birthday boy is happy to have made it this far. However, he has no plans to go any time soon.

“I got me a 2023 calendar for next year, so I’ll make it to 102 I guess. I didn’t think I’d make it to 101,” he said.

The celebratory group presented the lucky war hero with a framed copy of memories on behalf of the 36th Infantry Division.

At Outsider, we wish James Willian Niederer a Happy birthday, and we thank him for his service.

World War II Veteran Receives Cards from Across World for 95th Birthday

Well, Outsiders, it looks like Niederer isn’t the only WWII veteran celebrating a birthday this month.

On February 16, Don Brown turned 95. However, people were already talking about the celebration for weeks before. How? Because his daughter Julie asked strangers to send him birthday cards. As of February 18, he’s already received 180 of them.

Julie discussed her veteran father’s big day with KTVB7. “He’s just amazing so I wanted to make it super special, and just said, ‘Hey my dad’s going to be 95. It’d be really cool if he could get some cards’, you know, something extra special in the mail besides bills and advertisements. You know, maybe 10-15 cards.”

The loving daughter also posted about her father on a Facebook page for survivors of Iwo Jima. On the page, she mentioned that her father is legally blind and living alone. She also told the story of the veteran’s enlistment.

Brown quickly received 124 cards from 33 states across the country, as well as in Japan and England.

The veteran’s neighbor Abby read him his letters. “It’s so heartwarming and so powerful because it is such a testimony to how much good is left. I think it means more than he’s even really able to say.”