Wyoming Home Converted From Trucking Company Headquarters Hits the Market With Massive Asking Price

by Matthew Memrick

One converted Casper, Wyoming, home is selling for millions, and its trucking company headquarters past is getting some looks these days.

The Cowboy State home is west of the capital city and just down the road from an Oregon Trail monument.

Sure, it doesn’t stack up to former state resident Kanye West’s $11-million ranch near Cody, but the $2.6 million house is still impressive in photos.

The New York Post reported on the Wyoming listing.

What You Need To Know

  • The Wyoming house on a 58-acre lot comes with two established businesses: a livestock motel and storage units 
  • “One-of-a-kind property” owners looking to downsize; home already on the market for a month
  • The new owner “inherits” three John Deere tractors, two trucks, and endless extras

Wyoming Home Stands Out Among Casper Neighbors

The 1470 S. Robertson Road house stands out in a Wyoming area where the average house rates about $303,000.

This particular house lived a former life as a trucking company’s headquarters. Just by the photos, you can see it’s very redneck-chic. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a whole mess of stuff in that beautiful house.

Some of the photos look like they are works of art. At first glance, I thought they were Norman Rockwell photos with a 1980s twist. Other winter photos make me think the house is an outpost in some desolate mountain region.

There are four bedrooms and two baths in the 5,000-square-foot single-story home. The listing also describes a fireproof room and a prepper-approved storage room. By the way, kids and parents will love the soundproof game room. 

Now, here comes the rest of the wild property.

The lot comes with a livestock motel and storage units. If you buy this Wyoming home, you could pretend you’re on the A&E show “Storage Wars” every day of the month.

Anyway, the owners rent the 45 paddocks for $125 each, while the 36 storage units go between $85 and $125. But, that’s all up to the new owner, right?

Owners Looking To Downsize, Get Away From House

ReMax agents Alisha Collins and Lindsey Svejkovsky-Harden say after a month on the market, there’s some interest in the unique property.

“Interest has ranged from investors to local rodeo families and other business entrepreneurs,” Collins to the newspaper. The agent calls it a “one-of-a-kind property.”

After 28 years, the family wants a smaller house, and they’re leaving a wealth of stuff for the new owner or owners.

At first glance, they’ll get a semi-trailer storage, three sheds, multiple hay barns, and a steel oil field house. Other giveaway items are John Deere tractors, two trucks, and neat features. The agent describes them as “solar lighting, antique wagons, playground equipment, and so much more.”