‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: See All the Characters Who Didn’t Die in Episode 1

by Leanne Stahulak

WARNING! Major spoilers ahead for “Yellowstone” Season 4, in case you haven’t watched Episodes 1 and 2 from last night’s premiere.

After a year and a half of waiting, “Yellowstone” fans finally discovered what happened after that crazy Season 3 finale. Key lives hung in the balance going into Season 4 Episode 1, titled “Half the Money.” We didn’t know if Kayce would make it out of the gunfight in his office, or if Beth would survive the bomb explosion, or if John would bleed out on the side of the road.

But last night, “Yellowstone” fans discovered that (thankfully) all three Duttons lived through these traumatizing experiences. But it wasn’t easy going.

Beth walked out of the demolished Schwartz & Meyer building with severe burns all over her body. John lay in a coma for two whole months, and doctors believed he would never wake up. Kayce survived the initial gunfight in his office, but he then got into a shootout at a crossroads with the perps who shot John.

The first chaotic 15 minutes of the season premiere ended with Kayce collapsing on the road from two severe bullet wounds. And then we didn’t see him again until the very, very end of the episode. Leaving most “Yellowstone” fans to wonder if the Duttons survived all that only for Kayce to die seeking vengeance for his father.

So, all our favorite characters survived the “Yellowstone” Season 4 premiere. Only one treacherous villain bit the dust, right at the end of Episode 1. while flyfishing in the river, Roarke gets a visit from none other than Rip Wheeler, carrying a cooler. He shakes up the cooler then lets it fly at Roarke. A venomous snake darts out and bites Roarke on the face, killing him within minutes.

More Death Headed the Duttons Way on ‘Yellowstone’

The Dutton family did eliminate one key threat during last night’s “Yellowstone” Season 4 premiere. But there are plenty of other snakes (ha) still in the reeds.

Right at the beginning of Episode 2, titled “Phantom Pain,” Kayce and John sit in a mineral hot spring talking about what happened to them. Kayce brings up how the militia who kidnapped Tate in Season 2 seems to have been contracted for the hits on the Duttons. Half the militia is dead, but half remains alive in Kayce’s estimate. John gives him a clear order to kill “every last one” of them. Not to mention the person who sent the militia out in the first place.

We still don’t know who that is, for sure. But during that same conversation, Kayce eliminates the idea that Jamie could be responsible. He says Jamie leased the land to Market Equities to build the airport rather than selling it to them. And he supposedly did that for John’s sake. “Killers don’t seek their victims’ approval,” Kayce tells John.

So, who else could it be, Outsiders? We’d love to hear your thoughts.