‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff ‘1932’ Was Supposed to Be Season 2 of ‘1883’

by Caitlin Berard

Since its debut back in 2018, Yellowstone has made waves, steadily increasing in popularity until finally becoming the #1 most social show and #1 show on television overall in 2021. The show’s enormous popularity has allowed creator Taylor Sheridan to explore the Yellowstone universe further, treating fans to not one but three spinoff series.

The first spinoff to premiere was 1883, a Yellowstone prequel, illustrating the lives of 19th-century Duttons and their dedication to giving future generations a better life. As 1883 quickly became a hit with Yellowstone fans, two more spinoffs came into the picture, 1932 and 6666. The executive producer of 1883, David Glasser, recently revealed, however, that two of the series were almost one show.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer David Glasser was asked why 1883 was given additional episodes rather than a second season. Glasser responded by saying, “I don’t want to give away too much, but [1932] was always intended to be the second season. Now the network is excited to bring you something really additional to 1883, which is super exciting. There was one version — and now there’s going to be two versions.”

Glasser continues, praising the show’s creator while expressing excitement for the new spinoff. “Everything is well-thought-out with Taylor. So when you see what’s coming, you’ll see it’s pretty exciting. I think 1883 was an incredible journey. We’re excited [about] the way fans embraced it and I’m excited for people to see all the other great stuff that we’re doing around it now.”

Why Taylor Sheridan Picked ‘1932’ for Next ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff

Taylor Sheridan obviously has no shortage of creative ideas. In addition to the Yellowstone universe, he’s also working on four unrelated series: Tulsa King, Lioness, Bass Reeves, and Land Man. So, with all that creative energy, what made him choose 1932 as the next spinoff? In a recent interview, Taylor Sheridan revealed his thought process behind the decision.

“With Yellowstone, I had built out this backstory of where the Dutton family had come from. And with 1932, I chose that moment in time to peak back in because you’re seeing the children we’ve met in 1883 now attempting to raise another generation of Dutton children. And it comes at a time of the Wild West becoming a playground for the elite from the east.”

Hopefully, Taylor Sheridan is getting at least a little sleep in between all the writing and directing he’s doing. With that said, however, we will never complain about more Yellowstone content.