‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Raves About Jason Isbell’s ‘Cover Me Up’ on Instagram

by Suzanne Halliburton

Kelly Reilly admitted she was in an oversharing mood, Friday. One of the biggest stars of “Yellowstone” was recommending a Jason Isbell song, some books, even photos to start off her day.

She saved her final recommendation for Jason Isbell and “Cover Me Up,” his emotional tribute to his wife, Amanda Shires.

So let’s hear the Jason Isbell song and see why she adores it enough to write: “This song (heart emoji).”


Let’s Agree With Reilly, This Jason Isbell Song Is Beautiful

Of course, someone who plays Beth Dutton, one of the coolest and strongest female characters on television, would love this song. We can understand Kelly Reilly’s passion for the original version of the Jason Isbell song.

The song was the top single from Isbell’s 2013 album “Southeastern.” He wrote it for his wife, Amanda Shires. They married in February 2013, two days after the release of his album. But the year before, Shires had helped Jason Isbell seek treatment for alcoholism.

The song is raw, vulnerable and melancholy. Jason Isbell said in an interview with NPR that it was difficult for him to sing “Cover Me Up.”

“That was a hard one for me to even get through without breaking down the first time, because that one is really personal,” Isbell told NPR. “It’s not easy to sit down and open yourself up and say, ‘This is how much I love you,’ you know? It’s scary to do that.”

A sampling of the Jason Isbell lyrics:

“A heart on the run keeps a hand on the gun. It can’t trust anyone. I was so sure what I needed was more. Tried to shoot out the sun. In days when we raged, we flew off the page, such damage was done. But I made it through, ’cause somebody knew, I was meant for someone.

“Put your faith to the test when I tore off your dress, in Richmond on high. I sobered up, I swore off that stuff, forever this time. And the old lovers sing, I thought it’d be me who helped him get home. But home was a dream, one I’d never seen, til you came along.”

Morgan Wallen Opts To Cover Song In 2019

Morgan Wallen included the Jason Isbell song on his album, “Dangerous, The Double Album.” Initially, Isbell had no problems with the young country star covering his work. His fans were another story.

That’s why Jason Isbell tweeted his approval in late 2019. Isbell posted on Twitter:

“Guys it’s really cool that @MorganWallen is singing my song. That’s what I’m trying to say. Everybody just relax. You’re about to have to deal with your family at the holidays. This isn’t a thing to stress over.”

However, when a video of Wallen using a racial slur went viral earlier this month, Jason Isbell changed his mind. Wallen’s fans were buying more of the album and Isbell was receiving more money in royalties. So Isbell announced plans to donate all the royalties he made from Wallen to the Nashville NAACP.

In a retweet directed at Wallen’s fans, Isbell said “Thanks for helping out a good cause, folks.”

So, now you know all the details about the Jason Isbell song that Kelly Reilly, aka Beth Dutton, loves so much.

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