‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Jefferson White Hint at a Falling Out Between the Duttons and Jimmy?

by Halle Ames

Will Jefferson White, Yellowstone’s Jimmy character rebel, and bite the hand that feeds him in a major falling out between him and the Duttons?

The Duttons didn’t really give Jimmy a choice on the matter of coming to the ranch or not, but the forced employment may have saved Jimmy’s life.

And now, to protect his life once again, John Dutton has banned Jimmy from competing in another rodeo. In the last tournament, Jimmy damn near killed himself and was bedridden in a hospital.

Upon getting out of the hospital, John Dutton made Jimmy a deal. Since the young cowboy could not afford the prices of the expensive medical bills, John agreed to pay them. In return, Jimmy was no longer allowed to bronco ride.

However, this is the first time that Jimmy feels like he belongs. He was a deadbeat with no aspiration and going nowhere fast. Now that he discovered he was actually fantastic at staying on the back of an angry horse, Jimmy feels like he cannot just give it up that easily.

The last we see of Jimmy on season three of Yellowstone, he tried to get back on a bucking horse and see how his injuries fair. The young, broken cowboy ends up face first, unconscious in the dirt.

Yellowstone Actor Jefferson White Weighs in

Jimmy is a stubborn character, though, so we feel that this isn’t his last attempt. So could his insubordinate nature and newfound skill spark a fallout between him and the Duttons?

He is a branded man, so if he chooses to leave, he must leave behind a sizable part of his chest that bears the brand.

Jefferson White, the Yellowstone actor who portrays Jimmy, defends his character’s decision.

“Yeah, absolutely. It feels like the rodeo is the first time that Jimmy felt a kind of independent sense of belonging. It’s like an identity that’s just his.”

As for the deal Jimmy made with John Dutton, Jefferson White says it puts his character in a tough spot.

“That’s really hard for him, especially since this is the first time he’s ever really felt proud of himself. It’s the first time he’s ever really felt like a success as a person. He gets caught in this incredibly difficult position, having to choose almost between this newfound sense of belonging he has at the Yellowstone and the loyalty that he feels to John Dutton and then the exciting possibilities of his life in the rodeo and his life with Mia. It’s incredibly hard for him to be caught between those two mutually exclusive possibilities.”

Who will Jimmy chose? The girl and sport he loves or the family that saved him? We will have to wait until June 2021 to find out.