‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kayce Dutton’s Three Most Pivotal Moments Ahead of Season 4

by Halle Ames

Kayce Dutton has been through and started plenty of messes throughout the three seasons of Yellowstone, but what are his most pivotal moments?

As the youngest member of the Dutton family, Kayce has dealt with more loss and enemies than most have in their whole lives. He battles his own demon, usually in silence, and refuses to speak about it. Here is what we mean in typical Kayce fashion.

“How was your day, son?”
‘When I have a day worth talking about, I’ll shout it from the damn rooftop.”

Well, we haven’t seen that day come along yet, but life for Kayce Dutton hasn’t been all bad.

Kayce Dutton Experiences Loss For the First Time

Some moments stick out in particular as the moment that changes Kayce. Whether that was for the better, we will let you decide.

The first moment was from episode three of season one. In the episode’s opening scene, we have a throwback clip of when Kayce was just a boy. He is riding his horse with Beth and their mom Evelyn through the Yellowstone ranch. When Beth, who is terrified of her horse, manages to spook it enough to scare her mother’s horse, it rolls on top of her and crushes her. Evelyn tells Beth that she must now ride home to undo the mess she created while she lays there with Kayce, her favorite child. The two stay out in the field all night before being found. When John eventually located them, Kayce was standing with a knife in his hand, ready to fight off the wolves that we heard closeby in the background.

You can see the wild in his eyes, and John Dutton knows that as soon as he shines a flashlight at him. The young boy was a fighter.

Losing your mother at such a young age is hard for any child, but going from being the youngest and your mother’s favorite, to constantly fighting with your dad to the point where he brands you, is unimaginable. Kayce has to grow up fast for the sake of his older sister and himself.

Since Kayce Dutton is still lost after the death of his mother, he escapes his home situation as well as his newly knocked up girlfriend and joins the military.

Coming Home

The next moment that really changed Kayce Dutton was when he came back to the ranch. It has been years since his family had seen him, but when John Dutton told him to leave, he wasn’t going to stick around somewhere he was unwanted. Kayce and Monica got a small house on the reservation, where they raised Tate in the Native American culture.

The choice to go back to the place that sparked all his demons and worst memories was hard for Kayce and Monica. The ranch scarred Kayce, both physically and emotionally. However, he must get over his issue with his father and overcome the brutal and secretive person he becomes when he steps foot on the property.

Later, Kayce Dutton grows up enough to the point where John trusts him to start to lead the ranch. Although Kayce is apprehensive, he takes on the responsibilities that go along with leading the cowboys. Read more about our case for Kayce inheriting the Yellowstone property here.

Kayce Dutton Loses Monica and Tate

The last moment that changed Kayce was when Monica leaves him and takes their son, Tate, with her. The two things he loves most in the world, gone. Kayce Dutton isn’t a selfish person, but Monica cannot forgive him for the past mistakes he has made. However, all of them are for the sake of his family. Kayce continuously puts everyone before himself, and that always gets lost in translation for Monica.

The cowboy quickly realized what he has once they are gone and knows he is nothing without his other pieces. Kayce Dutton learns that family doesn’t have to be blood like his father. It is the love he shares with his wife and Tate.

As for season three, we have our predictions on how things play out, but the last thing we saw happen to Kayce Dutton was a team of masked assailants burst into his office and open fire. The ex-SEAL quickly flips his desk for cover, and the scene ends with Monica screaming Kayce’s name on the phone in a panic.

Season four will air in June of 2021. We hope to potentially see more of Kayce Dutton for many more seasons to come.