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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Season 3 Streaming Date Revealed

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Can’t wait to binge-watch the latest season of Yellowstone? It’s okay, neither can we! Paramount Studio and 101 Studios recently announced when excited fans could start streaming the hit show.

Yellowstone has been the most-watched cable TV show of 2020 so far. The series left viewers with a thrilling cliffhanger to end season three, which wrapped up on TV in August.

Yellowstone Streaming Date and Availability

Fans, new and old, can start to watch the addicting twists and turns of season three unfold beginning November 22.

So close, yet so far away.

Yellowstone is available exclusively on Peacock in the United States. For the lucky 43 million Roku users, last month, Peacock became available on their platform. Although Peacock has a free version that includes advertisements, Yellowstone will only be accessible for Peacock Premium subscribers. The cost for premium, however, won’t set you back too much, with it only costing $5 a month. Certain Comcast and Cox Cable users may also get the subscription for free.

Season four, however, will continue to be broadcasted on the ViacomCBS network. According to Deadline, ViacomCBS and NBCU struck a deal in April to show Yellowstone’s first two seasons on Peacock and Comcast systems. In addition, there will be a national expansion in July.

Yellowstone’s Popularity

The show, filmed in numerous locations around Utah and Montana, has been one of Paramount’s biggest hits, drawing in over five million viewers each week. After initially airing in June of 2018, the show took off, coming in as the second most-watched TV series behind The Walking Dead. It has since signed for a fourth season in February of 2020 even before the debut of season three.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show has gotten better with each season. The website only gave the first season a 51 percent approval rating based on 47 reviews, while the second season received an 87 percent rating based on 132 reviews. The third season came close but fell short of the second season with an 83 percent approval rating from 83 reviewers.

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