‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top 10 Kayce Dutton Quotes From Season 1

by Halle Ames

Kayce Dutton is a lone wolf, or at least he sees it that way. Kayce Dutton versus the world. Here we count down our troubled heartthrob’s best quotes from season one.

Throughout all of the first season of Yellowstone, Kayce is continuously getting into trouble. It isn’t that he is a bad person; he just has awful timing and makes decisions from his heart. He also hardly takes the law into consideration.

Kayce Dutton’s Best Quotes

Here are the top picks for our favorite quotes from the cowboy.

  1. “Yeah, well, the list of things I don’t want to do is endless. You telling me what to do is one of them… If I’d have known there were sides, I wouldn’t have been there at all.” 
  2. “You’re a 38-year-old bachelor living in your father’s house, working 100-hour weeks for a nibble of his approval. Is that the dream, Lee? Because it sure as sh*t ain’t mine.”
  3. “In case you don’t already know, there is no such thing as heaven.”
  4. “If I’m going to lose you, it’s going to be about what I did, not because I lied to you.” 
  5. “There are laws on the reservation that don’t apply to people who don’t live here, and sometimes people come and try to take advantage. Does that make sense?”
  6. “I don’t have a right to make a decision that’s gonna affect another man’s child. He asked me. So who was I to say no?”
  7. “I ain’t used to seeing you off my dad’s leash.” Rip answers, “what did you say?” Kayce fires back, “I didn’t stutter.”
  8. “The only thing I’ve got left is to make a future for my son. This is the only thing I’ve got to give him.”
  9. “I don’t know if I own a shirt I’ve never worked in. I’m trying to remember what I was wearing when I met you.”
  10. “I’m already in a time out, son.”

Internal and External Battles

Kayce Dutton is also battling issues on where he belongs. Should he go back to the Navy, where he excelled at being a Navy SEAL? Is Kayce going to stay on the reservation with his wife, Monica? Or should he pack up and move back to the ranch. The place that brings out the worst in him, along with some scarring memories (both literally and figuratively).

That brings up another issue. Kayce Dutton and Monica are at odds almost every episode for one reason or another, and they all stem from poor communication skills. Kayce is very secretive, and Monica just wants the truth. As we said, Kayce is a good person, so he thinks he is protecting his wife with his lies and silence.

Throughout it all, they put their differences aside to raise the best part of them both, their song, Tate.

In seasons to come, Kayce continues to get in trouble, battle his internal demon, as well as his father, and work through issues within his marriage. Outsider has all the information you need on Yellowstone, so stick with us.