‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top Lloyd Quotes From Season 1

by Halle Ames

From the pilot of season one of Yellowstone, we knew we liked Lloyd. He is wise, loyal, witty, and a rough and tough cowboy. Throughout the episodes and seasons, Lloyd’s role becomes more prominent as a leader on the Dutton Ranch.

After nine glorious episodes, here are our picks for Lloyd’s top quotes for season one of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Season 1 Lloyd: “Don’t Bother Me None”

First, we are going to start with the iconic scene that gives you a first look into Lloyd’s past and character. When Jimmy first gets his brand and rides his first horse, you could say he took a beating. For as sore as he was, showering didn’t seem like a necessity. Jimmy received some backlash for the decision, naturally. Lloyd quickly came to his defense.

“You can take my shower in the morning, Jimmy, it’s plenty hot then. Besides, a little cold water don’t bother me none.”

As the oldest man in the bunkhouse, Lloyd removes his pearl snap shirt to reveal a large “Y” brand that has healed over the years. The men back off from Jimmy immediately.

2. “It’s Gotta Be Cut Into You”

Next, we have another interaction with the old and experienced versus the young and reckless. After Jimmy falls off his horse like usual, Lloyd gives him some advice. He also comments on how Jimmy is walking, which is like he had a stick up his booty.

“Get a hold of the rein before you take the rope off. At least you are starting to walk like a cowboy.”

“I don’t think I’m cut out for this,” said Jimmy.

Lloyd responded with more words of wisdom and more advice. “Nobody is, Jimmy. It’s gotta be cut into you. Where’s your hat. Well, find it. Don’t come back without it. They’ll never let you live it down.”

3. “As Cowboy As It Gets”

And now for a simple quote, however still a classic, is when Jimmy finds a calf that the cowboys missed in the woods. He carries it all the way back to its mother at the ranch and makes a sassy comment to Rip about which obviously distraught cow that might be. Lloyd laughs as he gives Jimmy the confidence boost he desperately needs.

“That’s as cowboy as it gets, right there, Jimmy.”

4. “It Ain’t a Damn Soup Bucket!”

Next, we look at when the men of the bunkhouse finally got tired of Jimmy wearing a straw hat that looked like it belonged on a scarecrow. Jimmy is desperately looking around for his awful hat.

“Jimmy, sit down. You’re making us all f**king seasick.”

Lloyd and the other men chipped in a week’s wages each to buy him a fancy new all-black one. A hat for a real cowboy. Jimmy is overwhelmed with a new sense of belonging and family. He just looks at the hat in admiration before Lloyd brings him back to reality with a witty comment.

“It ain’t a damn soup bucket. Try it on.”

Yellowstone Favorite: “Rough Business Becoming a Man”

Finally, for our last, yet favorite quote, Lloyd comments on what it takes to be a man.

Jimmy is feeling defeated at his new role as a cowboy, which includes him having his nose face down in the dirt from falling time and time again. The goofy man breaks down in front of his new co-workers as he is hurt both physically mentally. He puts his head down on the neck of his horse as he starts to cry.

Lloyd rides over and gives our favorite line from season one.

“It’s the shame that hurts the most, you know. That shame, it’s in the mind. You can turn that faucet off whenever you want to. Rough business becoming a man, ain’t it? Beats the alternative, though. Come on, let’s go to work.”

Yellowstone season four still hasn’t given anxious fans a release date at this time. However, many of the stars from the show have posted to their social media, saying that they have wrapped up filming for the season.