‘1883’: Don’t Expect Tim McGraw, Faith Hill to Sing on ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

by Courtney Blackann

While Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are incredible voices of country music, don’t expect that part of their life to spill over into “1883.” While it would be pretty fantastic to see James Dutton singing a tune round the fire, McGraw says it’s just not a part of the character.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, McGraw shared his thoughts about singing on the “Yellowstone” prequel. The “1883” actor says it’s “not even on our radar” about singing.

Further, McGraw and Hill play the original Duttons who embark on a journey west from Texas to Montana. McGraw says it would be out of character for James Dutton to burst into song in a Broadway-style performance.

“This show is really about en epic score, not so much songs or anything like that,” he says. “I mean, I’ve written songs, it’s inspired me to write songs that have a theme that sometimes revolve around some of the things that happen on the show, but it’s not that kind of show,” McGraw shares. “It’s not a show that’s gonna have anything to do with us singing.”

McGraw additionally adds in the interview:

“We’re not gonna turn it into a Broadway play. My character, James, I can’t imagine him ever singing a note. He’s not an artistic guy.”

Well, there you have it, Outsiders. McGraw is going to focus in on James Dutton as a simple cowboy who’d rather leave singing to someone a bit more attuned for it. McGraw will just have to create an “1883”-inspired album for us all. It’s not a bad idea!

Taylor Sheridan Explains Writing Process for “1883”

The “Yellowstone” prequel aired on December 19 and has an incredible fanbase thanks to “Yellowstone’s” wild success. However, creator Taylor Sheridan – much like a cowboy himself – doesn’t like to play by the rules.

He explained how he wrote the show in a way that wasn’t for everyone. But it worked well for him.

“Maybe this is coming from a bit of a place of ignorance because I’ve never been in a writers room, but there are certain tropes and structures that TV shows have relied on for a really, really long time. Certain buttons and A stories and B stories that you can drop them into any show, I don’t do that.”

He added:

 “So, for someone who’s an experienced staff writer to come along and attempt to figure out this bizarre stream-of-consciousness writing I do, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to them. I don’t do outlines. I’ve just sat down and written all the episodes before we started filming. That way everybody knows what we’re doing, all the way through.”

You can follow the grueling journey of the Duttons on “1883” which is now streaming on Paramount+.