‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Wishes Her ‘Son’ Audie Rick a Happy Birthday: ‘We Love You’

by Jonathan Howard

There are so many great stars on the cast of 1883 and among the two best are Faith Hill and Audie Rick, the young actor that plays John Dutton Sr.

While he isn’t John Sr quite yet in the show, little Audie is well on his way to bringing the character to life. It is clear that Faith Hill is having a good time with her TV son. Last night was the premiere of the show on Paramount+ and today is another big day for the young actor.

Audie is celebrating his birthday and Hill wanted to make sure that she sent a message out to him on social media. Over on her Twitter, she shared a quick message along with a fun little gif from the two goofing off behind-the-scenes. With a backdrop like this one, it must have been amazing to film every day.

The six-year-old hasn’t had a lot of screen time through the first episode. However, he did have a couple of great scenes. Hill praised the young thespian’s abilities. “Happy Birthday to this little scene stealer,” Hill tweeted. “Audie Rick who plays my son John Dutton Sr. in 1883. We love you, Audie.”

While Audie’s lines were a little explicit as the gang was getting off the train in Fort Worth, we can sympathize with young John Sr. A man soiled himself on the train in Mississippi and John had to sit next to him the entire ride to Texas from Tennessee. Yikes.

While the youngest Dutton provided some laughs during the premiere episode, he also proved to be a hero. There is no telling what could have happened to his sister if he didn’t act quickly.

‘1883’ Elsa Dutton Gets in Tough Situation

As soon as James Dutton gets to Ft. Worth in the premiere of 1883, he knows that it is no place he wants to stay. There are so many people moving in and out and all around. He gets pickpocketed and has to deal with all kinds of trouble the first day he gets to the city. Then, his family shows up.

When the Duttons arrived on the train, they got a taste of the wild west. They were able to find lodging and get settled in for the night. Despite having their own rooms, disaster almost happened. In the middle of the night, a random drunken man came into the room after breaking the handle off the door. Elsa woke up, and then the attack was on. She tried to scream but the man covered her mouth. After gouging at his eye, she broke free and yelled for help.

She tried to fight off the large man, but he knocked her to the ground as little John went running down the hall to his parent’s room. Just as the unthinkable was going to happen, one shot to the man’s head came from James’ gun. Elsa was saved, but the 1883 character was clearly shaken up. Thank goodness for the five-year-old John Sr.