‘1883’: Here’s Why Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s Dutton Characters Decide to Move West on ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s first official spinoff, 1883, is set to explore the Western origins of the Dutton family with real-life lovebirds McGraw & Hill leading the way.

What a time to be a Western fan. With Yellowstone taking the entertainment world by storm, spinoffs were inevitable. Now, fans have both period drama 1883 and modern-day Texas ranching drama 6666 to look forward to alongside Yellowstone Season 4.

For the former, we now know that none other than Western icon Sam Elliott is set to star. Joining him at the forefront of the series will be country music’s most famous married couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The duo will give life to James and Margaret Dutton respectively. As the founding patriarch and matriarch of the Dutton’s westward journey… They’ll build the groundwork for everything we’ve come to love about Yellowstone.

But what brings the ancestors of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton to join America’s Westward Expansion? Thankfully, we have a bit of plot details for Yellowstone: 1883 – and the answer to this very question.

According to the show’s official plot synopsis, 1883 will follow the Dutton family as they “embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America.”

The period drama will be everything you want out of a Yellowstone prequel, per Deadline. Western expansion, and more specifically, the journey to Montana. Treasure State, here we come.

So there we have it! Like many American families before the turn of the 20th century, the Duttons will be fleeing poverty in the East to chase the American dream out West!

Tim McGraw Further Details ‘Yellowstone: 1883’ Role

In a recent video to his Instagram, James Dutton actor Tim McGraw speaks at length on his excitement for the role. He also details how his Dutton ancestors will be the ones to “found the ranch.”

“Hey guys, so as a lot of you probably heard, we’re on to a new project and we’re pretty excited about it. Faith and I get to star alongside Sam Elliot, I mean goodness gracious, for the new Yellowstone prequel called 1883,” McGraw begins.

“It’s going to be a fantastic family Saga about the original Duttons and their journey to Montana. And how they found the ranch up there. It’s written by Taylor Sheridan of Course, who [writes] Yellowstone and a bunch of other great stuff.”

Of this world’s mastermind, McGraw says Sheridan is “…One of the most special writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading to or from.”

The country icon says he and wife Faith Hill “couldn’t be more excited.”

And don’t worry! We think Tim McGraw can pull off a grizzled Western star. He’s got excellent news on that front, too. The man is growing out his beard for the role! “So now you know why!” he says in response to fans questioning his facial hair.

For more from McGraw on Yellowstone: 1883 – including the show being his “dream job” – we’ve got you there, too.