‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett & Sam Elliott’s Characters Have an ‘1800s Bromance’

by Jonathan Howard

We are just hours away from seeing the premiere episode of 1883 tonight. LaMonica Garrett and Sam Elliott’s characters Thomas and Shea are very close.

Out on the western trails, life ain’t easy. Surely we will see just how difficult things are for the early Dutton family and friends tonight. For Thomas and Shea, their relationship is one that works off of trust. The Pinkerton agents are a dynamic duo.

Garrett spoke with Screen Rant recently and broke down the relationship between his character and Elliott’s. He went into detail but didn’t give too much away. The chemistry the actors built off-camera has only spread onto the screen, and by the sound of it, this is going to be a fan favorite dynamic.

“That chemistry that we built before the cameras started rolling spilled right over into their relationship,” the Thomas actor explained. “Thomas and Shea served in the war together. Shea was Thomas’ captain in the Civil War, the Buffalo Soldiers. And when the war was over, the responsibilities changed for what the Buffalo Soldiers were doing, and they didn’t sign up for that.”

We are going to see the two Pinkertons work together and traverse the landscape of 1883. It is going to take a lot of trust in order to get through the rough Wild West.

“So, they left and became Pinkerton agents,” Garrett continued. “And they’ve been brothers since – the right-hand knows what the left is doing. They could sit at a campfire for an hour and not say a word, but it’ll say everything about who they are. They’re comfortable together, and they’re protective over each other. It’s like an 1800s bromance.”

The entire relationship stems from how Elliott acts day-to-day on the set of 1883.

How Sam Elliott Acts On The Set Of ‘1883’

Working alongside Sam Elliott has to be surreal. He is one of the most instantly recognizable faces in Hollywood. Not to mention that voice of his. Despite his reputation, the actor doesn’t let his ego get in the way of making connections between scenes and around the set.

LaMonica Garrett talked about the attitude that the Shea actor has while the cast is filming and how working on 1883 with him has been.

“He’s [Elliott] amazing to work with,” Garrett said. “He’s kind, he’s generous, and he loves the process of filmmaking. He never goes back to the trailer in between scenes and turning cameras around. He just sits on his apple box in the dirt and looks at everyone around and just talks and engages with everything. It’s been fun working with him; we’re still working, and it’s been a great experience.”

If 1883 is as good as Garrett makes it sound then this is going to be another hit from Taylor Sheridan and company. Get those popcorn bags ready, y’all.