‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw ‘Can’t Wait’ for Season to Get Underway

by Maggie Schneider

In an excited tweet, “1883” star Tim McGraw gears up for the season premiere. The first two episodes are available to stream on Paramount+.

It’s that time, Outsiders! The “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883,” is officially here. The first two episodes are streaming now on Paramount+. Tim McGraw is excited for fans to dive into the origin story.

“Today’s the big day!!” McGraw says. “Hope everyone enjoys the @1883official premiere…can’t wait to watch this season unfold!”

Reviews are already starting to come in. AV Club says that the series “rips the veneer off this rosy outlook and provides a raw, brutal, and riveting portrayal of what traveling west might truly have been like.”

Variety also gives the spinoff a rave. “Still, ‘1883’ has the characters, the scope, and the vision to become an exciting new chapter of the ‘Yellowstone’ franchise, as well as a rare example of a spin-off that never feels beholden to its source material.

Fan Reactions to “1883”

Fans are sharing their first reactions to “1883” on social media. Responding to McGraw’s tweet, people are excited to see him and his wife involved in the story.

“Can’t wait to see it and thanks for reminder,” @chertex tweets. “I thought of it this morning. I know you are great actor too. Can’t wait to see Faith Hill in action too. My hubby loves westerns so he’ll be watching it too.”

“Just started it and I am in love!!!! Can’t wait for more!” @Faithful_Hill94 writes.

It looks like many fans are skipping Sunday Night Football to watch the “Yellowstone” spinoff. What could be better?

Taylor Sheridan on “1883”

Today is a big day for Taylor Sheridan. The “1883” screenwriter hopes that the prequel rings true.

“The pioneers have never been portrayed accurately,” Sheridan says. “Many of the pioneers came from Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, and they hired guides to take them West. They didn’t speak the language. They’d never seen a horse. They’d never held a gun. And they had no idea that this land actually belonged to another group of people.”

With every project, Sheridan wants his writing to reflect real life. From his previous projects like “Sons of Anarchy” to now, he hopes to write what’s believable.

“I hope it will be an honest reflection of the world and will feel authentic. I try to write dialogue I think is believable coming from people’s mouths, but I also like it to be slightly elevated. I’m trying to make it sound a little timeless. When I write a screenplay, I try to write a book. When I shoot a TV show, I try to shoot a movie.”

The first two episodes of “1883” are now available to stream on Paramount+.