‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Reveals How He Unwinds on Set

by Liz Holland

Filming on location for the new hit series “1883” must be exhausting. Tim McGraw, who stars in the show as James Dutton, shared recently in an interview how he and his castmates unwind on set, and after a long day of filming. 

“We had a lot of fun! We do have fun on set, it’s a great cast, we’ve become sort of a family. Everybody gets along really well, it’s just a lot of great people,” McGraw says of the rapport on set.

When it comes to unwinding, the star says, “I got baseball gloves and a baseball with me, so I’d throw a lot of baseball around, would throw a lot of football around. That’s one of the ways of relaxing between shots is those sorts of things. And then afterward, it’s hanging out a little bit, hanging out together, going to dinners together… When we were up in Montana we all sort of stayed at the same lodge so we’d do dinners together. Faith [Hill] and I cooked a couple of nights, so just those sorts of things [were] bonding moments between everybody in the cast. We all get along so well, we really enjoy hanging out together.”

‘1883’ Features Some Cameo Performances

Speaking of what happens on set, ‘1883” invited some special guests to cameo in the series. The most exciting one, according to McGraw, appears in episode 2. The episode will be available on Paramount Network Sunday, December 26th. For Paramount+ subscribers, the episode is already available on the platform. 

When asked about the experience of having a guest star– and if fans can expect to see more throughout the series, McGraw gives insight, “I think there will probably be a few more easter eggs that show up throughout the series,” McGraw says of potential future guest stars. “That one [episode 2] was pretty special. We’ve been friends for a long time and when I gave him a call he said ‘heck yeah, tell me when to be there.’ That was pretty special that he did that. He was staying with us, but we didn’t see each other that morning until right when we arrived on set and saw each other in costume, so it made for a pretty special performance I think.”

The mystery guest star is not the only person McGraw loved having on set. McGraw stars in the show alongside his wife, Faith Hill. Hill portrays the matriarch of the family, Margaret Dutton. According to McGraw, the two have always been a package deal when it comes to doing the show. However, he says it’s not for the reasons you might think. “We had done a flashback scene or two for Yellowstone’s last season. That was how this whole idea came about of doing the prequel series,” McGraw explains.

 The star continues, “So, once we had done the flashback sequence, we were sort of married to each other, so to speak…. When it came time to do this show we were definitely going to do it together, period. There was no way around it– she loved it, I loved it, we loved the writing. I mean, Taylor Sheridan is such a gifted writer. We love the writing so much, and there was no way we were gonna do it separately. But I think they were kinda stuck with us anyway.”