‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Wishes Fans a Happy New Year From the 19th Century

by Jonathan Howard

As the year comes to an end, 1883 fans are just excited that they can expect more new episodes of their favorite new show on Paramount.

Tim McGraw made sure to wish fans a Happy New Year in an Instagram post. As the stars of the show, McGraw and his wife Faith Hill are dressed to the nines. Taylor Sheridan made sure to get everything right about the show. That includes the clothes the cast wears.

In an Instagram post, McGraw sent the new year’s wish from the late 19th century. The two sure do look the part. From their hats to their belts. Check it out below.

“Happy new year from [1883],” the caption reads. Already, the show has built up quite a fanbase. There are even some famous viewers among the bunch.

In the replies to McGraw’s post, Octavia Spencer left a comment. “Y’all are killing it. Wish they were giving us more than one show a week! [Happy New Year].”

It has been an exciting season through just two episodes. This week will be the third installment of the prequel/origin story series. The Yellowstone universe is ever-expanding it seems. Taylor Sheridan seems to have done it again with 1883.

Tim McGraw Talks Having Tom Hanks On Set

In the second episode, we saw Tom Hanks make his appearance in 1883. The iconic actor plays Civil War General George Meade within Jame Dutton’s flashback. Dutton, played by McGraw, is a troubled Confederate veteran. The scene was rather intense.

In an interview with People, the country singer talked about having Hanks on set and working with the actor.

“We didn’t see each other that whole morning,” McGraw said. “I didn’t want to see what he looked like. He didn’t want to see what I looked like, because we know each other so well. So when he walked on set, it was pretty magical. And when he puts his hand on my shoulder in that scene, you could feel the weight of the world between both of them with what had gone on. It was a pretty heavy scene.”

1883 has not shied away from those heavy scenes.

‘1883’ Characters Troubled

One of the dynamics that is likely to come up among characters is the topic of the Civil War. Shea Brennan and Thomas served in the Union army. Clearly, they have certain feelings about their service. James Dutton served as a Confederate. He is also conflicted about his service and the past that they left behind in Tennessee.

So far, we’ve seen a little bit into the minds of Shea and James. 1883 is going to likely give us a glimpse into each character’s mindset throughout the season. Each story is going to form and develop as the wagon train moves closer to Oregon.