‘1883’ Stars Describe What You Can Expect from the Show

by Amy Myers

Now that Yellowstone has wrapped up its fourth season, fans of the franchise are fully focused on the developments in the prequel series, 1883. So far, Paramount has aired three episodes of its debut season, and to say the storyline is intense doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s to come.

Not surprisingly, some of 1883‘s biggest fans are the stars themselves of the Yellowstone series. After working so hard to honor the authenticity of director Taylor Sheridan’s vision, they know just how intricate and emotional each episode is. At the series premiere, several cast members described what fans will love about the Dutton family origin story.

First to share his thoughts about 1883 was Eric Nelsen, who portrays Ennis, the rugged cowboy that helps escort inexperienced travelers alongside the Duttons.

In regards to his new project, Nelsen told fans to “Get ready, grab a big bucket of popcorn, sit down on a comfy couch and watch it on the biggest screen you can because it’s huge.”

Meanwhile, Sam Elliott who plays fellow navigator Shea Brennan in 1883 simply stated, “If you like a period Western, tune it in. Get your money’s worth.”

Billy Bob Thorton has also made an appearance in the iconic series as Marshall Jim Courtright. He told fans that watching 1883 will be like “watching a long, wonderful movie.”

The actor behind Thomas (a.k.a. Brennan’s partner in crime), LaMonica Garrett, said, “You’re gonna see a beautiful show, a heartwarming show, a tragic show, but storytelling told at the highest level.”

As for leading lady Faith Hill, who plays Margaret Dutton, believes 1883 is “unlike anything you have seen ever.”

‘6666’ Star Jefferson White Shares Thoughts on ‘1883’

The 1883 leads weren’t the only ones to sing the series’ praises. Also in attendance at the big event was Jefferson White, who isn’t a part of the prequel story but is the star of the other Yellowstone spinoff, 6666. In it, White portrays Jimmy Hurdstrom, who often appears in the main series as well. Although Hurdstrom isn’t a part of the Dutton family, he’s become a pivotal part of the series and the ideal ranch and rodeo man.

While at the premiere of 1883, White gushed about the new elements that the prequel brought to the franchise and how quickly the Yellowstone universe flourished.

“As a fan of Yellowstone, 1883 feels like a culmination and an explosion of so many of our favorite themes across this incredible, pastoral landscape,” White shared on the red carpet. “I think it’s the most exciting thing to happen on television in a long time, and I can’t wait to see it.”