‘1883’: Watch Sam Elliott Go Unhinged in New Episode 4 Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

Sam Elliott, as Shea Brennan, is going a little off the rails in a promo for “1883” episode 4. The show’s official Instagram posted a clip recapping the previous episode, centering around Elliott’s character. The new episode drops on Paramount+ tomorrow, January 9.

In the clip, Shea comes to Noemi’s rescue when she reveals that her supplies were stolen. He unleashes some outlaw justice on a few of the German immigrants in the wagon train, threatening, “I see you again, I’m gonna kill ya.”

In another scene, we get to see a darker side of Shea, one that’s haunted by the war and still carries the grief and misery from that time. “During the war,” he says, holding his gun under someone’s chin, “I fired my rifle so many times the barrel melted. Killing you means nothing.”

He argues with the immigrants, and with James Dutton when he tries to take the party West around the river. Shea is trying to lead them East, to a safer way across the river. But James wants to take the shorter route. Overall, it seems like Shea is still grieving his family’s deaths, and that’s turning into angry outbursts.

But, they don’t seem unmotivated; when he gets angry, it’s because someone did something to provoke him. They questioned him, or stole, or otherwise did something they shouldn’t have. Then, and only then, does he mete out punishment. He has a steady hand, but he’s still hurting.

‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Talks About Working with Sam Elliott

In conversation with Taste of Country, LaMonica Garrett, who plays Civil War veteran and Pinkerton agent Thomas, spoke about what it’s like to work with Western legend Sam Elliott.

“I mean, Sam’s an icon,” Garrett started. “You work with a Hollywood icon, you bring your game … you’ve gotta bring your A-game every day. Seeing how he shows up every day, his work ethic; he’s the first one there. He loves the process of filmmaking.”

Garrett shared a heartwarming story of Elliott reassuring a nervous extra who messed up on set. The actress played a waitress and spilled water on her first take. Garrett commented, “You could see her handshaking, because this is Sam Elliott here, and he has that effect on people.”

He continued, “When they said, ‘Action,’ she came, and her hand was shaking, and she kind of overspilled. And she was so distraught, like, ‘Oh my god, people are gonna hate me, I ruined everything.’ Sam gets up — and no one sees this, I’m looking at it — Sam gets up and goes to her, and tells her something kind, I’m sure, whatever it was, And she had this big smile on her face. And the next take, she came, and she had a steady hand […] whatever he told her, it calmed her nerves, and that was the only hiccup she had the whole time.”