5 ‘Yellowstone TV’ Moments Where Kayce Dutton Makes Most of His Navy SEAL Training

by Jon D. B.

Take a look back at Yellowstone’s Navy SEAL Veteran, Kayce Dutton, as he makes his way through the very real benefits – and struggles – of being a military vet.

***Be warned – there are spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched all three seasons of Yellowstone.***

For a modern American classic like Yellowstone, it’s a perfect fit for one of the Dutton clan to be a veteran. For the Duttons, it’s “prodigal son” Kayce.

Kayce Dutton is a former U.S. Navy Seal. While Kayce – and his family (even Rip) – find great honor in his service – it also haunts him to his core. His struggles, triumphs, and demons are the kind our U.S. Veterans must live within reality. In short, we owe each a debt of gratitude not only for their service time, but for the life-long merits – light or dark – they must shoulder for us, and always have in order to guard their country.

Take a look back at Kayce’s most riveting moments as a modern day warrior and U.S. Navy SEAL Veteran.